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Rode microphones

Michael Coffee

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On August 22, 2016 at 8:55 AM, Kisaha said:

Rode is good for low budget equipment but in the end you get what you pay for, the Rode boompoles and the blimp are the worst I have ever used, ...

Not my experience with the blimp. I rarely swap mics with it, but I don't find that to be a hassle, and it's as quiet as one could expect in normal wind conditions. Everything stays nice & tight with it (you have to learn to tighten the oddball shockmount swivel). Rubber bands have held up for years now, too.

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Every experience I have had with RODE has been positive. We have a fleet of probably 15 VMPs as well as some other bits and pieces and whenever the shockmount has failed, or the foot has fallen off, one email later there is an overnight satchel with the replacement part in it at the door. I have never had a bad RODE experience, thats for sure. We have two wireless lapel kits from them and they blow me away every time. Would definitely recommend.

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Have you ever used any other blimp? If not, then yes, Rode is ok. If yes, then you should have noticed that

1) it is the biggest one, with a design that makes it to put pressure (weight) in a wrong manner

2) very bad design, with small bits that usually get lost, and too many components that do need more care and attention during work

3) less wind protection

These are my findings after 17 years on the field using Sennheiser/Rycot(t)e/K-Tek/Rode.

As I said, RodeLink is something I look forward using, as the usual Sony/Sennheiser are extremely expensive. The receiver seems a bit big, but if they do the same job, then it's a bargain.


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On 17/08/2016 at 3:11 PM, Michael Coffee said:

Now I live in Australia, and have heard some incredible stories about Rode's customer support from their original beginnings in studio condensor mic's. After buying my first ever Rode product, a videomic pro, Rode sorted out a shockmount issue in a 5 minute phone call and 1 email. Consider me an instant convert for life :)

Rode's an Aussie company, so no reason why you shouldn't get the best customer service :)

I had a Videomic Pro that had its battery door broken off and they replaced it for free!

In terms of the product quality, I find their gear is generally punching above its weight in terms of price-to-performance ratio. Are there better mics out there? Yes. Are there better mics for the price?

That's a harder one to answer, and you'll be hard pressed to find better value especially when you consider their customer service.

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