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What do you look for in a grungy lens?

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If you were buying a really character-full lens to get a vintage or raw look what sort of characteristics do you look for?    Is it loads of flare?, lack of contrast?, a particular colour to the flares and image?  Weird defocus artifacts?  rough ground elements?  micro cleaning marks? misalignment?


interested to hear your thoughts:)

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EOSHD Pro Color for Sony cameras EOSHD Pro LOG for Sony Cameras

I bought the Helios 40-2 for the swirly bokeh when used wide open - can be stunningly beautiful & weird!


The Jupiter 37a because of its lack of contrast.


But others have been for flares: 



And others, like Meyer Optik, for colour.


I've completely abandoned the idea of getting a set of lenses that match - my new ethos is a different lens for a particular situation/shot/effect that i want to get. 

But, i suppose i've always taken more photos than video, so there's always been a slight bias in my lens choice.

Also, because i'm using a Canon, there are a ton of picture profiles out there that try to emulate different film stocks, which give you so many more choices for looks as well.

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