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Best 60D Audio Option - Interviews

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I'v got a job filming some interviews, I plan on shooting multicam (two 60D's) but I haven't figured out what I'm going to use for audio yet. Normally I'd use the work cameras and accessories but this job I'll be doing it myself with my own gear.

I am thinking about buying a zoom h4n BUT I'm not sure where I'd put it because one of the cameras will be on a wide shot (head to toe) which will make it hard to have the zoom h4n next to the person being interviewed.. So then I thought about buying a rode videomic pro.. Not sure what the best way to set this up would be.. Have the mic sitting on the wide shot cam or on the close up cam.. 

Any ideas? As quite a few people are being interviewed I don't want the hassle of using a lapel mic. It's also just me doing the filming, I haven't totally written off the idea of paying someone to help, the guys I know are pretty cool but then I have to figure out how much I'd pay them out of what I'm making, what I'd use them for and have to check when they're available to shoot since it's an ongoing project. It would just be a lot more convenient if I can do it myself. Thanks.

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If you had a recorder like a Zoom you could attach it to a boom pole.

Oh & have all the on-camera mics going & then get the subject to clap loudly, so you can sync everything up (sorry if that sounds obvious).


Or just rent some wireless mics or a normal mic with boom.

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