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Filter over another filter?

Daniel Acuña

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Hey guys,


So I was just wondering if a could use a filter on top of an other one, the filters are circular so I already have a variable ND filter (77mm) and I am going to buy a Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter on top of it (or under it), can I use an adapter or something, what are my solutions?


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Stacking filters is no problem.



I generally put my polarizer's up front for convenience (as I change-out a polarizer most often) and to avoid interaction with the other filters.  A variable ND essentially is two polarizers.


Can't recommend any adapters nor matte boxes, but it sounds like you are using screw-in filters, at least for the variable ND (77mm).  There is nothing optically disadvantageous with screw-in filters that except that filter changes take longer, and you usually have to unscrew and reattach the filters with each lens change.  Also, if you stack too many screw-in filters, vignetting can start to appear.



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