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BM VideoAssist/GH4, - sound not recorded


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Just got a BM VideoAssist for my GH4 camera. Everything works fine except for this: When I hit the record button on the GH4 the VA records video as expected but no sound is recorded. The strange thing is, when I am not recording the VA's audiometers show incoming audio just fine, but as soon as I hit record on the GH4 the meters show zero  incoming audio levels and no audio is recorded. Hitting record record on the VA works as expected for both video and audio audio.

I use a SanDisk Extreme Pro 95 mB/s card, so the card should not be the problem. The GH4 is set up to transmit TC via HDMI in order to trigger record on/off on the VA, which is what the manual says.

Anybody knows what can be the problem here?

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