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Can someone do me a huge quick Twixtor favor?


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I shot this the other day to illustrate to somebody how to use Warp stabilizer and RSMB plugin to smooth out 'micro shakes' on footage shot on a manual lens with a high shutter speed - and how to get a result that is a bit more akin to being shot with a larger camera and at a shutter speed closer to the 'filmic' 1/50 sec.

First run of 3 shots are untreated...second run of 3 shots are after Warp stabilizer and RSMB plugin was applied. Shutter speed on camera was varied by eye to minimise in-camera motion blur. The last shot shows some slight tearing in the post motion blur - but this can easily be refined to not be noticeable. The settings were pretty much dialed down from the default, without any extra motion estimation to refine the solve.

The discipline of shooting at a higher shutter speed when hand-holding (especially smaller camera with no image stabilisation enabled lens) is great for doing post stabilisation with minimal warp artifacts - as well as for post motion blur estimation.

This process is exactly transferable to any re-time/ slomo treatment that may need to be done in post. The crisper the frames in the footage, the better that the optical flow or image analysis software can interpolate the frames...resulting in a much smoother slow motion or re-time effect.

Password: birds


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