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Premiere Pro - Re-linking Media After Moving Media - Something is Baked


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I have moved some material around on the drives. Somehow, when I reconnected the files in PPro to the media on the drive it only connected with one folder on the drive and now thousands of files in PPro are all linked to these same few media files on the drive.
I've tried to use the 'Reconnect Media' function to connect the files in PPro but somehow it keeps following the same bullshit 'file path' back to the same folder reconnecting to the same files as before even though I am pointing it at the correct target folder.
The only thing that works is the 'Replace Media' function. But this means have to connect every single file one by one.
Does anyone know the way forward? Could really use a hand here!

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To link media the new files have to be at a folder further upstream from the old data. 

1. Move the old media location to some different folder, preferably to another drive. 

2. If it hasn't been done automaticaly, select all clips and right click to "make offline"

3. Select all media, right click to "link media"

4. Tick "relink others automatically"

5. Find one of the files that you want to link

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Thanks Don, JG!

Solution: Rename the offending folder. Delink (offline) the files in PPro. Point Media Browser to the 'correct' folder and link media to the correct folder. No need to move the media to another drive and relink there. 

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5 hours ago, jgharding said:

Haha happy to help! This drove me mad once a few years ago, took me a while to crack what was happening!

My thinking is that if they take the time to design a program on this level, they could easily build into it a simple option to allow us to target the folder we wish, instead of the program defaulting to its last target. Ah well. Thanks again.

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