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2-3K Camera Body - Sony A7S II?

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43 minutes ago, bonesandskin said:

So, I bought an a7Sii. I am really happy with the character of the full frame image, which seems better than the NX1. I find the image more cinematic and the rendering of motion more natural. The lowlight performance completely changes how I am able to shoot. Want to shoot f11 inside? No problem. Want to shoot after the sun goes down? No problem. Entirely new creative possibilities will open up. I mainly use the Sony 24-70 f/4 lens. It is fine for video and covers a lot of focal lengths. Downsides of a7Sii are obviously bad rolling shutter and poor autofocus. And yes ergonomics are a bit cumbersome, but I actually find that because the a7Sii and 24-70 lens package is noticeably smaller, lighter, and better balanced than the NX1 that I actually like using the a7Sii more.

If you want to use a gimbal the better autofocus on the a7Rii is something to consider. And yes you can take care of rolling shutter a bit when shooting in full frame. But I found the overall quality and character of image to lag behind the a7Sii if light wasn't really ideal. And I often don't film in ideal settings.

So I have actually been carrying around the a7Sii, Sony 24-70 lens, the Sony 1.8/55mm lens, the NX1, and the Panasonic LX100. (I carry the NX1 because I actually need a crop sensor camera for shooting through a microscope and not getting vignetting...) I always reach for the a7Sii or the LX100. I am tired of carrying around the NX1 and since I already have a second Sony Lens, I am considering selling the NX1 for an a7Rii body for times when I need to shoot motion (to avoid RS), to try to start using a gimbal w/ its AF, and for really incredible stills (the stills on the a7Rii with the 1.8/55mm lens are incredible -- really something to behold!)

That's been my experience...

5 hours ago, shoottheshot said:

Thanks - that's very helpful info.  Appreciate it.

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4 minutes ago, shoottheshot said:

Thanks - that's very helpful info.  Appreciate it.

No problem. One other thing to think about if you are not working on a specific project right now is to get the Panasonic GX85 to tide you over. It seems to handle rolling shutter very well. It could buy you time until September or so to see if the field will change -- before you make the "big" investment which is also going to include lenses. Then you've got a great portable camera/B camera, or if the field hasn't changed prices may drop and you still use the GX85 in situations where there's a lot of movement.

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