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Veydra anamorphics discontinued

Brian Caldwell

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I think the low end anamorphics sector has died.  SLR magic seem to be hoovering up the users who don;t know any better, and rental houses not on the ball hoping to capitalise on the anamorphic bubble.  They'll send those new slr magics out once or twice then they'll stay on the shelves since their image aint good enough to warrant the hassle and expense.  If a modern lens can't match or outdo an iscorama from the 1960's for image quality, have beautiful character, and be cheaper than an iscorama then people are more happy going for a kowa 2x and a focus module or rangefinder or plump for an iscorama and get the gold standard.  

I watched the original veydra lenses kickstarter and liked the concept but knew that their market would be limited.  Without a kickstarter campaign I doubt they would have come to fruition - now m4/3 has lost its edge since the rest of the competitors gave us full sensor readouts.  if the gh2 were still top dog then veydra would be killing it.  Sadly very few shooters are using m4/3 format unless it's with a speed booster, meaning native lenses are unusable.  Most are now shooting on sonys.  2 years ago I had many requests for a wider angle than the TRUMP38.  Now everyone with a brain has migrated to the sony a7 range or are using speed boosters on aps-c and now the 38mm is nice and wide.  

If an anamorphic ain't good enough for at least s35mm it's gonna fail.  if it's not gonna deliver on full frame it's not going to compete with iscorama's - which are now going down in price.  I think the veydra would have been more expensive than an iscorama and probably wouldn;t have done the job as well.  Their price point dictated everything.





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