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A7s II battery problem

John Palmer

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Hey everybody, I have a buddy who has an a7s 2 (which I borrow and use pretty often) and he seems to be having a problem with the battery life. After a battery is fully charged and put in the camera (not even turning the camera on for a while) the battery appears to have drained some of its charg just by being inside the camera (a significant amount) after about 30ming-1hour of it sitting inside, nothing running or buttons pressed. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? He says he has found stuff online about it but I can't seem to find any reliable info on this. From what he has found, it appears to be an issue with the camera itself. The batteries are standard, stock batteries from Sony and its possible that the batteries are defective but he has tried this on several different batteries (all still Sony brand) with similar effects, so it could also be the charger but I'm not so sure. I have never experienced this issue while using the camera. He has had it for about 2 months and does not leave the batteries on the charger long after the indicator light changes

Anyone have any insight on this?

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When a Sony battery is fully charged, all the indicator lights turn off. If he is taking them off as soon as the third green light becomes solid, then it's possible he isn't quite getting it to full charge.

Also, all batteries will drain, even without being used, eventually. Especially if they're inside a device (even with it turned off). That's how a fully charged battery can become a fully discharged battery if you don't use your camera for two months. Doesn't sound like the time he's leaving it in for is enough for it to discharge that much though.

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That's just a normal Sony camera. *ba dum tsh*

Joking aside, that sounds like a specific problem with the battery holder inside, or whatever you call it. The part needs replaced, possibly. I had that same problem with my Canon 7D. I did use it for half a year without doing anything about it. Just kept the battery out when I wasn't using it. Then again, that camera needed an entire day to drain. Not 30 minutes. 

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