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SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter safe filter size?


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I was wondering what would be the ideal safe filter size for the SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter? The front filter size is 82mm, however I want to be 100% since anything close to it like a 4x4 mattebox has the sides very visible. 82mm or larger?

What are you filter solutions when using the SLR Magic Rangerfinder Cine Adapter? 82mm? 4x 5.65 mattebox?


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I've been thinking about this as well since the lens stacking makes it rather inconvenient.

Obviously it depends on focal length, you're just going to have more trouble with wider lenses.

But you could also try stacking threaded filters BEFORE the rangefinder somewhere.  Obviously a nightmare to swap out, but if you are desperate to avoid vignetting on certain shots it may be your only option short of enormous square filters or 82mm filters.

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