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Anamorphic lens videos


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I'm often looking on the Vimeo and YouTube for examples of videos shot with affordable dslr anamorphic solutions, but the only videos I seem to come accross are ones of people filming trees, people eating, old buildings or street scenes usually with their girlfriends or someone in front looking a bit awkward or just pointing the lens at a light source which of course is all fair enough but I was wondering if anyone had links to something different or more creative, either factual or narrative that's been shot on these lenses? It would be great to see something a bit different ?

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test shot with Lomo Foton-A 37-140mm and Canon 50D.

test shot with Iscoramas (pre36 and 54) and Canon 5D3.

I have plenty of test videos with various lenses on my channel, but most of them are like you described (I always try to get people on all my shots), but shooting narrative is hard and expensive and requires much more preparation than a plain test. If you're shooting narrative, you're not testing, because it would be stupid not to bulletproof the workflow before heading down a narrative path with other people involved beyond the cinematographer (aka: me). That being said, I recently shot a 1.33x anamorphic shootout that I'm editing which is somewhat narrative (there's a very basic plot to it) and it should be up in a few weeks. :)

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Exactly what Tito said about the fact that you can't spend loads of time & money on tests. Here's some of my stuff:

This was a test of a cheap anamorphic lens I bought in a drunken ebay bidding moment a few years ago at Christmas time (Canon 60D + Iscomorphot S8/x2:


This is Short film I shot for a friend, using the same set up (60D + Iscomorphot S8/x2):

And this is a short sequence for another Short Film, which I didn't like at the time, but have now gone back to the footage and am editing up for a quasi fake Documentary (60D + Iscomorphot S8/x2 - aspect ratio/squeeze is wrong on this one)):


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Thanks guys, great to watch this stuff for different reasons. Yeah loved the time lapse and the Nephew short good to see the depth of field used so well. I also really enjoyed Tito's work, had a bit of a Walking Dead feel to it. I wondered how the distorted tv footage of the riots was achieved? Never seen someone eat a piece of fruit so convincingly! ?

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