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Tito Ferradans

Isco and Century for Sale! (+Cinemascope t-shirt)

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Hello my fellow anamorphic friends!

It's time for upgrades and because of that some of my gear must go! Lenses will be shipped from Vancouver, BC - Canada.

I only accept PayPal. Taxes and shipping are my responsibility.
If interested, reply here, send me a PM, or an email!
[email protected]

One last thing before we get to the lenses: I'm currently selling a Cinemascope t-shirt, unique stuff. Price is $25, including shipping. Click here to get yours and be sure to send me which size you want it (M, L, XL). This is my attempt to fund the Anamorphic Cookbook and all the Anamorphic on a Budget videos so any help is appreciated!


Now to the pretty glass part...

ISCO WIDESCREEN 2000 MC (1.5x stretch, focus through)
Click for photos of the lenses.

The best focus through adapter out there (meaning you use the taking lens’ focus ring). 1.5x stretch, Isco branding and quality, excellent performance and a very compact, solid and lightweight build. I have two of these lenses for sale, each one fitted with a 62-72mm step ring for diopters or single-focus solutions. Glass is in pristine condition, no scratches, spots, dust or fungus (which is almost a miracle considering the age of these lenses). They come with original front and rear caps plus a regular 72mm front cap. SALE DOES NOT INCLUDE REDSTAN CLAMPS.

For more information, check my review!

Price - USD700 each, shipped

ISCO 16:9 VIDEO ATTACHMENT Mk I - or "1.33x Iscorama 54" (1.33x, single focus)
Click for photos of the lens.

This is an extremely hard to find adapter, in plain words, it’s an Iscorama 54 with 1.33x stretch, which turns a 16:9 sensor into an automatic Cinemascope machine. Single focus operation, set your taking lens to infinity and shoot away using the Isco’s focus ring. Focus is smooth and glass is perfectly clear: no blemishes, scratches, fungus, dust or anything. Goes as wide as 40mm on full frame. Comes with both original front and rear caps and a Redstan clamp (72-77mm), which makes rear thread 72mm or 77mm according to your preference. Front thread is 95mm.

For more information, check my review!

Price - USD2600 shipped

CENTURY OPTICS 58mm ANAMORPHIC (1.33x stretch, focus through)
Click for photos of the lens.

The Century Optics is one of the most recommended adapters for people starting out with anamorphics and I sincerely don’t understand why people even complain about it. This one is in perfect shape, no damage whatsoever to the glass (no dust, scratches or fungus) but one or two tiny scuffs to the body (see photos). Stretch is 1.33x and rear thread is 58mm, making it super easy to attach to taking lenses. Goes as wide as 35mm on full frame, which is very good coverage (losing only to the Panasonic LA7200) and focusing is done using the taking lens’ focus ring. Close focus can be challenging but a cheap diopter kit is enough to solve the problem. It comes with original front and rear caps and an adapted 77mm front thread for attaching diopters (not shown in photos).

For more information, check my review!

Price: USD650 shipped

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