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Shooter's Guide questions


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See all this crap is why I usually avoid forums. Thanks Burnett for answering my questions.


Slightly less thanks to OverCranked for initially answering my question then going on a rant about something un--asked for.


Props to Tony for his always impeccable spelling.


Well I'm glad (and I too love Tony's responses).  I must apologize for my own rant there in your thread it's just become so frustrating and not specific to this forum at all.  I think the only reason the signal:noise on personal-view is only slightly higher than your average forum anywhere is the often humorless moderation that can happen in any topic that stays on the first page any length of time.


I got Andrew's guide before actually purchasing an anamorphic (and his GH2 guide before purchasing that) and am glad that I did.  Based on it and the information gleaned from the forum I made sure I'd still be able to locate a Tokina doublet and ordered one from Redstan before picking out my Century Optics adapter on ebay. 


Admittedly that frame of Dekkard from Blade Runner labeled 2.66:1 gave me pause as well but once I saw that example in the context of the guide it seemed clearer to me what he was doing there.

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I'll try to make a few points and then will exit this friendly forum - for good.


- Stop just buying gear and shooting tests. Shoot something with a story, even a short one, with what you have already.

- Just because the crowed agreeing with you, they are not necessarily being friends or friendly. You never learn anything new if you surround yourselves with friendly yey sayers.

- Public forums are not clubs. Get used to getting splashed in public places if you allow yourself to piss on others.


Admin, please delete the profile and all related material. I apologize if your friendly place was disturbed by my reactions to some of your friendly replies.

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Buy the guide or don't its really your choice, but its not really that expensive & is useful.

Ask questions, as most of the time you'll get a response that satisfies you.


If you like the image that an anamorphic will give you, just buy something that you can afford as it can become a money pit.


Don't get obsessed with aspect ratio too much, as films throughout the ages have been shot on & presented in loads of different formats.

Just try & find an original version of Ben Hur - its shot/presented in MGM Camera 65 (or Ultra Panavision 70) & is extremely wide. Its very close to the 3.55 look you'll get with a x2 anamorphic on a 16:9 sensor & really shows what you can do with that v.wide aspect ratio - its an eye opener.


Oh, the more you shoot (not tests, as they are for you), the more you'll understand & learn - practice, practice, practice! 

Simple stories/framing are the best way at first.


good luck!

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That's strange because i had read (info found at the BFI library) that in the rare case of Ben Hur, the MGM Camera 65 had at times been desqueezed to 2.93, which is extremely close to 3.55 (not figures wise, but looks wise). 

And the version i saw on TV last year (on ITV4 in the UK) was definitely 2.93 & it looked absolutely stunning!


Don't want an argument, but not everything you read on the web is 100% accurate.



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There's further information on these various processes with lots of official literature at the Widescreen Museum.  IMDB is definitely not to be used as a primary source for information, I was just being lazy.   But official projected aspect ratios, at least their original intentions, seem to tap out at 2.76:1 and I was surprised to find out that even the roadshow, 3-screen Cinerama wasn't actually as wide as I always thought it was (not to mention discovering that these large-format anamorphic lenses were generally in a pedestrian 1.25x-1.33x squeeze ratio).


This of course doesn't account for individual discrepancies that creep in due to operator or process.  I remember loads of debates regarding the original widescreen releases for virtually all of the Leone westerns when they came out on laserdisc and in some cases extra cropping (to an already hard-masked acquisition format) would invariably seem to be coming from somewhere.


edit: EIGHT crewmembers were needed to move those cameras!

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