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  1. I'll try to make a few points and then will exit this friendly forum - for good.   - Stop just buying gear and shooting tests. Shoot something with a story, even a short one, with what you have already. - Just because the crowed agreeing with you, they are not necessarily being friends or friendly. You never learn anything new if you surround yourselves with friendly yey sayers. - Public forums are not clubs. Get used to getting splashed in public places if you allow yourself to piss on others.   Admin, please delete the profile and all related material. I apologize if your friendly place was disturbed by my reactions to some of your friendly replies.
  2. My apology to " BurnetRhoades " for arguing his point (s). You are right and I was wrong in many levels.
  3. Toby, Get the guide, read it well and keep it handy for quick cross referencing. Ask for help from wonderful and experience members in here. Work on your craft and make sure you understand there is a lot to make a good visual story telling that owning and knowing just one or two or many pieces of gear. And I assure you the journey is going to be a wonderful one.    Best of luck.
  4.    Here, this is your wisdom  :   - #6 .  BurnetRhoades said : " Aside from a handful of folks on this forum the audience is mostly folks with an expensive hobby." - # 8 . BurnetRhoades said :  " ...meh, no delete. "   Sooner or later you have to start facing your realities.
  5.   Is this the best you can offer to this topic !?
  6.   They all read the same scripture and then ended up killing each other under the order of their newfound religions with the name of the same god and his commands.   Just read his post. He is asking for help and he deserve more than a one word " YES ". Stop looking at members through nostrils and consider them more than folks with expensive hobbies and spread some  wisdom around here. Yet again you are entitled to your opinion.
  7. ... i'm sorry, I should've mentioned " unless you are independently wealthy " or " unless doing all the gear purchases as an expensive hobby ". Perhaps I shouldn't have used the cliche industry phrase " distribution " in this context. The point is if we go anal about all the details of making something without consideration to the consumer ( commercially or not ) - we are just playing - arn't we !? Can you imagine if advanced members of forums specifically forums like this could encourage other members to be as aware of other elements of visual story telling as they are with the " cameras and lenses " !? Vimeo is covered with nothing more than tests and one shot scenes with no story and occasionally they are called " FILMS " ! That is the result of too much push towards shooting for sake of shooting and not for storytelling. I think this forum should be the one that cares about all aspects of film making. For heaven's sakes we are talking about anamorphic shooting here. If someone gets discouraged by being reminded of the rest of the challenges in this craft, perhaps this is not their craft to begin with.
  8. The answer is " Yes " ! This guide is as useful as they get - wait a second - there isn't any other guide on anamorphic lenses ( adapters ) out there. I come from 16mm ( Bolex - Arri ) and I do remember shooting anamorphic was for the people with blue blood back then. Even if you had the budget to hire a set of lenses then the distribution had a tough time to sell it because not many end users had the matching optics to project it and for sure your picture was off the chart for VCR at least in original format. One advice: the advise that you get from the film guys like Kubric, Ridley Scot or Rodriguez is not going to do you good aside from the academics of film making. In low budget ( read it no budget ) film making the anamorphic shooting is a DIY at it's best and that is when Andrews book shines like gold. Unless you like to go through many combinations of cameras and taking lenses and so called anamorphic adapters that turn to expensive paper weights, you do need to read and then often refer to this guide over and over again. Most often you have to start from the taking lens ( aspherical ) and find matching camera and suitable anamorphic for it. Most importantly for the good of the great do not hesitate to intercut a few cropped aspherical shots with your anamorphic shots. Don't get too much worked out about the math. Take this guide as a one of Oraclec's cookies, I promise, by the time you get done eating it, you'll feel right as rain. There are a lot to learn and manage. You end up cutting many corners and you learn to be happy with artistic compromises. That said, look at the lineup of the glass used for shooting " MANDORLA ". That is the next level of film making for a lot of us. While you are gathering a fire power like that for shooting you must make sure your story, screen play, audio, lighting, locations, cast, crew, grip, transportation, insurance, catering and most importantly " DISTRIBUTION " is taken care of. Otherwise it all turns to buying expensive adult toys.
  9.   Genius ! I have been doing this with my taking lens permanently attached to anamorphic and just remove the set from the GH2. Of course I had to buy extra aspherical lenses for non- anamorphic shots. Your idea is going to save me bundle when the BMCC-mft comes out. Additionally instead of 35mm aspherical w can shoot through all those fast and beautiful 50mm and 80mm.
  10.   Is that your own ultimate goal in life perhaps !? Your left and right 3 " picture " deals were turned down lately ? You are welcome to share your objections or negative comments about the " item " and even opinions about the items here. Assuming all commentators as fools is just being fu*&&^%&king rude Not everybody share your level of ambitions. Some, may even try harder than you  to get to Sundance and try many things including just another adaptor. If you are a true " picture " maker, while you are witnessing this positive energy for the hopes of better picture making you should share some wisdom with your subjects your holeyness ( typo intended ) Now get back to your lonely life of quest for the Sundance. Let me guess ; all three of them were in slashers category. LOL
  11. Peculiar thing is that this " mini " rendition never was on the map. The KineRaw's website always had the super35 - Super16 and Super8 categories which mostly didn't have any content. On the other hand Dan Hudgins has been testing a pre-production KineRaw S8 for a couple years. His tests include an awesome anamorphic sample on Vimeo. Why there is no talk of S8 model ?
  12. Dan Chung should try to explain the importance of linkage between camera and external recorders. Both ends must be solid and " Lockable ". My Ninja has turn to an expensive paper weight because of unreliable HDMI ports.
  13.   you mean something like " IKonoscop - A " camera ? Let's ask Andrew if he found the iKonoscop-A cam comfortable enough for shouldr mount. Considering the feature set, how did you find the " rumoured $4K " price ?
  14. Let's haggle a bit here. No ProRes and no LCD ( OLED ! ) screen and no MFT lens mount .... hmmm I'll pay $2000 and we all know repair and warranty is going to be pain the wallet. MBCC has nothing to worry about with this limited cam being rumoured at $4000.
  15. Look at the posting you made in #57. You said :   " That was hilarious... yeah you got me!  Keep bashing Canon and you'll go far around here Mr. OverCranky. "     You get what you deserve kiddo. You don't like to get splashed, then don't start a pissing contest. i just brought the reply to your level of principals.   
  16.   This is the point you don't get : Those features already exist in the camera I paid for - I just activate them. ( In the case of 1Dx vs 1DC this is just theory until proven ) GH2 is an inferior camera to all Canon DSLRs in OEM format but the high bitrate is crippled as it is. If I mod the thing to work better for me then good on me. In fact by public opinion hacked GH2s surpass all Canon DSLRs unless ML installed on them. Many Pro shooters bought 5D II relying on ML. I'm not sure if you are doing Canon a favour here.   And all n all this could be waste of time if Andrew's theory about the hardware in these cameras turn to be wrong.
  17.   This is the biggest misunderstanding. These " notes " passed onto consumers are not LAWs. They try to be for sure but  even the baddest legal teams of these corporations cannot take a consumer to any national or international court with them. There is something reminding people about copyright laws there is completely something else attaching a case to it and then successfully arguing in a court. Even if they could they wouldn't. Consumers will turn their backs on them. From your local sales person that sold the camera all the way to head of marketing departments in Canon will start a riot on the company also. Again - these hacks and performance enhancements are good for sales. There has been rumors about possibilities of hack codes being leaked by the OEM manufacturers to advance their cameras ahead of the competitions in the market. A bit far fetch but you get the picture.  In the case of BMCC that Chauffeurdevan in #61 brings in to the discussion, by digitally agreeing with the software agreements you are complying with the terms and conditions of the case with a digital signature. That is different, and still very taxing to the BlackMagic to bring to the court if case lost sales. I'm sure BlackMagic will smile at unprojected sales coming in as the result of hacked firmware instead.   You know - as you said it many times, you go ahead and buy it as you deserve it. Many people wont.  No matter from what vantage point I look at it, it looks like Canon are going through some major troubled waters and captain and the crew are in panic state. This ship is going down and that's sad because I was a Canon fan. 
  18. Sorry kiddo ! I didn't realize I was having a serious dialog with a kindergartener. My apologies to you and your Mom.
  19.   ... I never  signed or hereby acknowledged to any of the above at the time of purchasing any of Canon or other cameras. Non of this is enforceable nationally or internationally because they are not signed and acknowledged by purchasers at the time of purchase. Also every camera sales personal will be considered accessory and called in for witnessing. I'm sure you can imagine the mess. It is not enforceable. If it was nobody could use third party parts in their cars or high-end electronics and for sure ML could've been taken down long ago.   Almost every car ( automobile ) come with similar mombo-jombo but they don't force you to sign those pages ( some of those forms even don't have the place for signature or name of purchaser.    Something that you, Bruno the Canon man and a few overzealous sales reps don't get is the fact that ML is bringing extra sales to the brand. Think about it for a minute or two. Canon is not going to shoot themselves in the foot or the wallet. 
  20. Just by repeating it you cannot turn it to truth. There are no laws for that. Have you ever legally agreed to anything at the time of purchasing your cameras ?- anything! Aside from paying for it for sure there are no legal agreement about what you will do with it and it's content.   If you go copy it and sell it - or copy it modify it and sell it then you are infringing on copyright laws ( with many holes in them ). If you copy it - improve or degrade it and make it available to others to get it " FREE of charges " and " VOLUNTARILY " while the original item does not exist as an identifiable commercial product you have not infringed any law. Especially when the copy is being used inside an item that was purchased from the same vendor. Use  the free consultation time legal offices provide and learn. Please come back here and apologize for wasting people's time after getting some education.      Stop playing the devil's advocate. It's really wearing off quickly around here. Or at the least put your full name and contact info at the bottom of your postings for potential rewards from the Canon. See, I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt  that your are not on Canon's payroll trolling around here. Let's just hope for that because if you were, you are doing a banged-up job.  
  21. Show me one LAW that supports your argument. If you were correct we could've had many interesting court cases around the world. That said perhaps if you change the operative word " SHARE " to " SALE " in your sentence you could've been saying something worth listening. There is a method in the madness when Vitaley and ML distribute their work ( AWESOME ) for free and just collect donations.  Quite frankly it wasn't for the ML we wouldn't have purchased seven 5D II. And all my hacked  GH2s could've been plasticky toys.  
  22. That would be defending and explaining myself and my decisions in my choices in technology. That extra stress nullifies all the conveniences that DSLRs offer for me. It was the time for us to move on.  
  23. In the OEM format this camera might be appealing to ARMY order desk or perhaps a few documentary producers in harsh conditions. Without the ML ( if they ever touch this ) masses will not pay for this camera - there are too many awesome alternatives out there now. It's getting harder and harder to show up at paying jobs with DSLRs as main cameras, no matter how sophisticated your rig looks like. We shot a conference last season on DSLRs - during the shoot a couple of guests came over and started asking about " Line Skipping " and " Rolling Shutter " problems. Then while walking away one of them made a sweeping gesture with her finger towards all ( five ) Canon 5DIIs and said they all have the same problems. Almost everybody heard it and many heads made quick turn to cameras and reverse turn towards me standing behind a trickedup rig with $10,000 worth of rig, EVF, MatteBox, ... - WTF. That was two days in Hell. Since , we are shooting on FS100s and nearly all the camera crew are happy with the shoot experience and the editing department keeps thanking the shooters. Move away from this stupidity people. There are much better options out there - and no ! RED is not one of them.
  24. Can't wait to see Andrew's experiments on " GoPro + anamorphic ". Perhaps one of those baby hypergonars could be a good match !
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