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Anamorphic and Zooms

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I think I'll go for the Kiron super-zoom and see what the quality is like.

Cool.  If it turns out the Kiron doesn't meet your needs, the purchase won't have emptied your wallet - and it's easy to resell since it is a well-respected lens among photographers.  I'm keen to see how it performs for (anamorphic) filmmaking.  I picked up one of these myself, but haven't been able to use it, as I'm still trying to assemble my anamorphic setup.  Please post back with footage/impressions if you get a chance!


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Guys. I have a Kiron 28-85mm F2.8-3.8 in Nikon mount, which doesn't rotate when focused buy does extend by about an inch when pull/push zoomed.

The aperture on my one is stuff wide open, so willing to donate it to anyone who thinks they could fix it. Just cover the shipping costs and it's yours!

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