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A7SII problem


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I was having an issue with the a7Sii in artificial light conditions that I thought it was because the white balance was incorrect. The problem disappeared after the upgrade or at least it did not happen when I tried to replicate the light conditions during a test, but suddenly something more weird happened. If you review the video, the last two shots are after the upgrade and the very last is without the lens. It is pretty obvious to me that the camera has technical issue...


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As liork said, reeeeeeaaaallllllly normal issue you got there. Lights refresh, sometimes that refresh rate falls within your shutter speed and you get that effect. Change the shutter speed up or down and it might disappear. There's also programs you can use in post to get rid of it + you can try and avoid it best by using the frame rates associated with your region: 25/30/50/100p for pal, 24/60/120p for NTSC.

Ole Bloom also made this post about it, this fix might work for you and is quick and free: https://vimeo.com/80187743

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