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MBP with/without graphics or Hackintosh Laptop


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Hi guys, 

I'm currently debating if I should replace my current 15" MBP (pre-retina) with a GT650 dedicated card. The setup is fine for most things but wanting to go the 4k route I'm not sure how well it will perform. So I'm considering the new MBP 15" with the Iris Pro or the more expensive (way expensive for me) one with the R9 M370x card.

Is there a big difference in performance between the two models?' At least that it justifies the price? I'basically work with final cut, but who knows maybe in the near future I might try and learn some basic after effects or give premiere a chance. Is the iris pro model enough to work with fcp?

I'm even considering just getting a well spec laptop pc since I don't see the price/performance thing justified on apple products anymore. The only thing that it stops me is the fact that I mainly work with FCP, and that I haven't used windows since... I can't even remember! So I'm not proficient with it.

I've been reading about the possibility of turning pc machines into "hackintosh" but I'm a complete newbie on this area. I've had a look at pages like tonymac but I don't really understand much...

Is there a well spec Laptop PC (i7/SSD/Graphic card/4k) that can work or be 100% functional if turned into a hackintosh machine? Anyone uses something like that? If so are there any problems? stability?

Let me know your thoughts, I'm all ears!




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I'd try transcoding the footage before spending $$$ on a new machine. Check out optimized media and proxy media options in FCPX. Your MBP should handle them well.

I have both rMBP with GT750M and a desktop hackintosh with a GTX780. While the Hackintosh is a lot more powerful and also cheaper than the Macbook, I cannot recommend you to build one if you are not experienced with various BIOS settings, bootloaders, kexts and stuff.

Hacking a laptop is even more difficult than a desktop since you'll need to swap the wireless card because Apple only has drivers for Broadcom and Atheros chipsets.


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