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Japanese GH2 with GH2 Patch questions


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Hi all! First timer here!

I am just about to purchase a Japanese GH2 but had some questions....

1. Can I get proper English menu once GH2 patch is applied on the Japanese GH2?
2. Can you upgrade from patched GH2 to official 1.1? (Is it straight forward?)
3. Does it retain the english menu at least if you go from patched GH2 to official 1.1?

Thanks in advance...
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Hello all,

I don't post much but I am in a pickle.

I have 2 GH2s and am happy with them and have added the FloMotionv2.02 settings.

My brother- in Seattle wanted one (GH2) too and bought a Japanese one advertised on Craigs.

He asked me if he could convert it to English and I told him I was pretty sure he could based on

comments on this forum and other places on the net.

I gave him the GH2__12.bin file with FloMotion and the Multilanguage checked and he tried to simply drop it onto the Japanese GH2 to install.

Did not work.   8(

We don't know Japanese and it is clear we need help applying the .bin file or my poor brother just wasted $700-

and I will never hear the end of it.

What exactly do i need to do here?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thank you sincerely.

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