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Final Cut Pro X update


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Just for those who are interested and may have had doubts about the direction Final Cut Pro X is going; it's just been updated and a lot of important features have been added.

-broadcast monitoring
-media relinking (!)
-updated XML (FCP 7 project import now possible)
-cool new keying features
-and a lot of smaller stuff I haven't really looked into yet.

Sounds pretty cool, and it seems their product update cycle is quite quick (2 big ones and 1 bug-fixer since June). Not to sound too much like a promoter, but just thought to give a heads up, should people be interested in the FCPX-development. It's become quite a different product since it's launch now...
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With this new version, Final Cut Pro X can now support footage from up to 64 separate cameras, each with different combinations of codecs, resolutions and frame rates. Many longtime consumers of Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear video editing software were upset when the company upgraded to Final Cut Pro X last summer. The software has been a staple for video editors, pro and amateur, since 1998. But the new edition is incompatible with files from old versions of the software, and the interface has been entirely redesigned. Apple issued update 10.0.3 Tues in an attempt to correct some of the troubles. Article source: [url=http://www.appisaurus.com/2860-update-for-fcp-x/]New update for FCP X addresses user complaints[/url].
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. It's become quite a different product since it's launch now...

Yeahh its very odd, it seems that a lot of the neede features are now back. Maybe so many have said goodbye to the product that they dont even bother anymore.

Its sad. I am a big Mac fan, this release is propably the biggest release/marketing mistake I have ever seen. This whole case and product has been handled so unprofessional by Apple, I actually didnt think they where capable of such amateurism. I was wrong.

Anyhow great that the features are back, i will have a look.

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