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  1. [quote]Leave the sequence setting at standard 1080p... (1920x1080) Just adjust the clip as in the book. Should be fine.[/quote] Thanks for this.
  2. With this new version, Final Cut Pro X can now support footage from up to 64 separate cameras, each with different combinations of codecs, resolutions and frame rates. Many longtime consumers of Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear video editing software were upset when the company upgraded to Final Cut Pro X last summer. The software has been a staple for video editors, pro and amateur, since 1998. But the new edition is incompatible with files from old versions of the software, and the interface has been entirely redesigned. Apple issued update 10.0.3 Tues in an attempt to correct some of the troubles. Article source: [url=http://www.appisaurus.com/2860-update-for-fcp-x/]New update for FCP X addresses user complaints[/url].
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