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Careful of SCAMS: Red Scarlet Example

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Noticed an add for a $3000 Scarlet Package advertised in Phoenix.I thought wow. Too good to be true.


[color=#FF0000]At the bottom of this listing page it says be careful of scammers. [/color]

I also noticed the [b]EXACT same pictures[/b] on a Scarlet that sold on EBAY for $15000.


So for fun, I emailed and said I'm interested. Here's the response:

[color=#0000FF][i]Thank you for your email. I am glad that you want to buy my Red Scarlet X Package With Canon Mount. My asking price is US $3,000.00. From the beginning I want to tell you that I left the USA a couple of days ago (the day after I put the product on sale) and I came to United Kingdom with my job (I am a member of the "Save The Children Foundation"). If you still want to buy it, we can do it in a very safe way using an escrow company. They will handle the delivery (since I took the item with me) and will offer you a number of days of Inspection so you can test and see that the item is exactly as described by me. I will pay all shipping/escrow fees.[/i][/color]

Full of shit response. So always be careful. Cheers.

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Yep. People do get stung. Sad.


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That's hilarious... I had a similar incident about 2 months ago with a Red One MX before the price drops. (Ironically it was $4000, lol..)
I've found, usually the lack of proper writing skills is a bad sign... "Firstly, I want tell you I am man of integrity!" Followed by some bullshit reason for the low price... "My wife of many years cheat on me with friend, this must go as settlement soon."

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