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[b]This is a thought. Don't shoot me for trying. [/b]

[b]Here's the score:[/b]

[b]If you are Canon owner and want better video quality then [size=4][color=#008000][u]you may want to donate to the Magic Lantern people[/u][/color].[/size] [u]Make sure to mention[/u] you want the [color=#008000]MJPEG 422 investigation to advance[/color]. [/b]
[b](Donate then inbox Alex the MJPEG422 request? - the key is he sees alot of interest)[/b]

[b]Supposedly Alex, the programmer has done work on this already. There are some programmers willing to give it a go. These programmers don't want to start from scratch and want Alex's data. If people donate and encourage the MJPEG 422 investigation then Alex may release his work to those programmers willing to investigate. [/b]

[b]Even if you aren't a Canon owner, you may want to consider donating $5 or more. Why? Well, if they get this to work on the Canon 600D, that camera can be bought for around $400 to $500. Imagine having MJPEG 422 (and possible 2K) for that price. It would be a nice second camera! No guarantees. But the programmer 1% has already advanced the Bitrate developments to new levels. Read below. [/b]

[b]Bitrate investigation:[/b]
[color=#ff0000][i]1% says, "Its stable enough. Only problem is the buffer saving function will drop quality really really quick." [/i][/color]
[color=#000000][b](they are trying to figure out the buffer issue, if they do then we'll could possible have 100 mbp/s to 170 mbp/s)[/b][/color]

[color=#000000][b]Here's what 1% is saying about the MJPEG:[/b][/color]

[color=#ff0000][i]1% says, "I think MJPEG is worth it. You're already uprezzing the same thing, just losing extra color. Alex hasn't released any code so we can't work on it without starting from scratch. Perhaps more donations for this are in order. There are a few devs at least willing to give it a go, just need a starting point. Even if you have to convert the movies before opening them its still a win. Audio is pretty much done and I don't think we can push the encoder much further."[/i][/color]

[color=#ff0000][i]1% also says:[/i][/color]
[color=#ff0000][i]Mjpeg the way to go. Its a1ex's code so you have to convince him. He already sees all of this but has no 600D and isn't a big bit rate fan. You pretty much have it right tho. LV buffer is what it sees through the line skps and then it uprezzes that (process is called something in imaging, not new). Overhead will be saved from the uprezzing (probably why 720P has 60FPS). Only danger is that we put in a lot of work and its impossible hw wise, etc. Donate for that rather than polishing canon's turd of an H264 implementation.

Right now everything is 5DIII but there are a few devs willing to work on it, just we have no starting point besides the LV buffer address. A1ex some sort of implementation already and its for 5dII so probably more portable. I think he wanted to make something really good before releasing but other things took over. I think its really good already even if you can't play the videos back in camera or have to convert them before viewing, etc. All I saw is demo vids.

Other cameras are a lot of effort to port and I don't have the firmwares which take 2 days to decompile anyway. The other cameras may not have the same functions (50d gop didn't change) plus crippled by the 4gb limit which gives you 4 minutes (550D out already)... a little too short. Also don't have the cameras themselves on hand so I'd be coding blind and a simple mistake could be a headache. MJPEG I think is less camera specific[/i].[/color]
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