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For those watching America's Got Talent, this fellow (Eric Buss) was on their special Youtube and Snapple show. His older acts were entertaining. Check this out for a laugh while we wait for Kineraw to update their webpage.

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I was able to download 2 videos today. It took me a couple of tries. It is hit and miss. Hopefully they address this downloading issue.
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I got time to convert the KineRAW-S35 (tm) 2048x1080 version of the video Alvin Somwaru helped shoot in Golden Gate Park into Letter-boxed MPEG4 1920x1080 for posting on Vimeo,


I used TEncoder (tm) set to 12000 kbps and two pass compression for the conversion from the graded uncompressed AVI but there are still some compression artifacts that show up here and there, anyone have suggestions for a better free, or maybe not free, encoder for making H.264 video files that Vimeo will accept?

I was using just the MPEG4v2 option in VirtualDUB (tm) but that is one pass and shows much worse compression artifacts. If you see the video as looking too light and washed out on your MAC notebook let me know about that, I may try to post another copy graded darker. It seems there is a bug in Quicktime (tm) where it shows videos too light and washed out looking, under Media Player (tm) on my Brother's PC with the CRT monitor set to 1920 resolution it looks OK as far as brightness. Viewing on a LCD or HD monitor it may look like the highlights are burned out and the shadows too dark since I encoded it full range for PC viewing.
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