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Do i need a leveling base and if so, which ones are good?


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I know many people here like the acratech leveling base, which Andrew recommended in his quest for a good and cheap tripod.

So far i have been doing ok with just always leveling the legs of my tripod, although that sometimes takes longer than i wish.

Are there any other good arguments for a leveling base?

And which other options are there besides acratech which also do not cost more? Acratech is unfortunately kinda hard to find in germany. I found some manfrotto and novoflex stuff, but that did not look to convincing.

Cheers for any help!
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I'm using a Manfrotto photo-tripod with an alternative center rod that adds a leveling half-sphere.
For DSLR-filming it's not as heavy and bulky as a video tripod, I still have that extendable center rod only photo-tripods have and I can mount the center rod horizontally to shoot straight down from bridges and such.
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I was also looking at the novoflex, but went for this: http://www.flm-gmbh.de/product_show4a19.html
The novflex doesn´t have a waterlevel and the FLM also supports a higher load, which was important for me for slider shots...
Also cheaper, but the Novoflex looks better, that´s for sure ;)
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Well i got the waterbase at my videohead, so its ok for me without. The FLM looks nice. Benro also made something that looks exactly like the Novoflex and holds 30kgs. http://studio.etriox.de/Benro-Nivellierplattform-LBA1 (except its made in china; its incredible, the chinese just copy everything and force many original developer into bancruptcy. I wonder what they will copy when they ruined all the other companys and havent learned innovation themselves, but thats another sidekick, sorry)

So i am sure the Novoflex can do that too. I got it for 119 €, would not have paid the 150 they ask at many other places for it.

After using it for almost a week now i have to say, i am pretty happy about it.

The Acratech was not available in Germany except for one shop where it cost a fortune.
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