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Hack for a Mac?

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Aloha friends,

Longtime shooter here, currently using a Panasonic AF100. Picked up a GH2 a week ago, and I'm hooked! (And, I bought Andrew's book. A great read for a GH2 user of any skill level!) I would like to be able to use a hack that offers 44MBS, 108024p, but, I only have Macs. All I want to do is install a hack, not really interested in patching other's hacks... not yet, anyway. Can I install a hack without a Windows PC, and, if I later want to add a patch to a hack (is this even the right workflow???), will I then need a PC?

Sorry if I come off as a newb, but really, the information on these topics is spread all over the web, hard to find a single, reliable source. Maybe Andrew will see this?

Again, aloha, and thanks!


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The answer is here:

Choose the vainilla patch and follow the instruccions below.


The Andrew's book explain also very well about the hack.

"If you are a Mac user run PTools under WineBottler, Apple BootCamp or VMWare Fusion (my preference)"

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