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  1. Hey guys,   This might have come up before, but I seem to be having a strange phenomenon while using any thrid party taking lens with my Iscorama pre 36.  The stock nikkon 2.8 fixed lens that came with the Isco doesn't display these "icicle" like artifacts from flaring. This happens with my Nikkon 50mm  f1.4, and my Helios 58mm 44-2m, and also some weird transparent vignetting happens with the iris blades on both.  I was wondering if anyone knows why this is happening, and or have a possible solution for it.     The picture below is with my Nikkon 50mm f1.4, very simular to the results of the helios.         
  2. Hey guys,     wanted to share my shortfilm "Conversion".   I'm pretty young, so any help or suggestion is highly appreciated!! :)   hope you like it.   https://vimeo.com/58374026   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgEAx9Bfm68
  3. Recorded with Baush & Lomb and Isco Kiptar adapters, maybe some of you will find this useful. Had to split in 2 volumes because of a limit of 10 files per pack at Videohive, the second is still on queue for approval.   http://videohive.net/item/real-anamorphic-flares-vol1/3771634?ref=SkinnyOldMan   Cheers
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