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  1. PL Lens Mount To Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC Camera Mount Sale $255 Lens Fitting: PL mount Camera/Camcorder Fitting: RED DSMC/DSMC 2 Brand: Ironglassadapters This camera mount allows to use PL mount lenses on RED cameras. It is compatible with DSMC and DSMC 2 brain: Weapon Epic/Scarlet Dragon Scarlet -W Epic/Scarlet M-X Lens mount to Red Epic Scarlet Dragon DSMC camera mount The adapter is delivered with 4 setting screws and a key The adapter is delivered in a cover and a box SPECIFICATIONS INFINITY FOCUSING LO
  2. Red Epic (M642) w/ Ti Canon Mount 16-35mm & 50mm L-Series Lens
  3. Last week we bought the BMCC MFT stepping up from compressed DSLR dslr filmmaking to the delightfulness of shooting raw. While doing some bmcc research i came across the comparison test 'Some Like It RAW' by Ryan E. Walters. He basically compared the Arri Alexa, BMCC and Red Epic in three short tests: IR filtration, Low-light and overexposure. I found the results quite useful and certainly contributed crossing the threshold and purchasing the bmcc.   Without giving away the results, I asked myself how you guys think about the bmcc image sharpness. Many filmmakers/DP's seem to find the b
  4. "Picture A Girl With Red Hair" is a film I shot in 2012 that just completed post. It's starting its run on the festival circuit now. Here's a still:     I'll post more updates as it plays in festsivals. More info here:   jeremyosbern.com/blog/
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