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My cameras and kit

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  1. Hello! Our family footage with amazing music. If you see AD while playing video - copyrights holder monitizing video, not me.
  2. Selling my lightly used LX100. Purchased it from digital rev so it is a PAL region camera. Non-region switchable so in 4k photo mode you can only use 25fps. 30fps/60fps not available. Has 24/25/4K and 50fps 1080. Also includes front cap, protection filter, case, strap, 2 Panasonic batteries, charger, detachable flash, usb cable, software/manual and box. Everything functions like normal. There is a hairline scratch on the LCD screen about 1" long. you can only see it in bright light though. Doesn't affect what you're seeing much at all. After that occurred I put a glass screen protector on it. Also, put a Panasonic MC protector filter on it from day 1. But somehow there is a dust spec under the front element. Doesn't effect image quality. Asking $475 shipped in the USA. But being this is a PAL camera I'll pay half the shipping to Europe/international as well.
  3. Hello, As a fan of beautiful classic cars I always enjoy watching videos from Petrolicious. For those who don't know, Petrolicious is a famous website about vintage cars ; they make regular video interviews of owners of older car models. Recently they shot a video about the Alpine Renault. The problem with Petrolicious is that they are very discreet about the shooting and the gear used, so I "investigate" and I finally found this video was made by David Zu Elfe from itx Films. I asked David what he had used as material and about color grading, here's his kindly reply : Interesting ! Enjoy the video now :
  4. I've already the gh4 and I must buy either one very soon (12-35 or the lx100) but i want the sharpest. Does someone has the gh4 with 12-35 and the lx100 to make a 4k video comparison or advise about it ?
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