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My cameras and kit

  1. which one to choose?? best bang for the buck??? (will need soon for commercial with small crew)
  2. are some of the best cameras from 2013 5d mark 3 raw and the bmpcc (pocket camera) now obsolete for 4k??
  3. I guess 2014 really is the year for 4K. It maybe just a handycam but that footage is impressive. I'm excited to what else will be announced. http://nofilmschool.com/2014/01/sony-4k-2k-fdr-ax100-mirrorless-alpha-a5000-hdr-as100v-pov-action-cam/
  4. I have one for sale. Excellent condition. I used this to learn how to edit raw video. You can make a 4k video using this camera. It includes the box and accessories. Screen protector was on all the time.   Im a new member here but you can check my ebay id:knnyw
  5. Some of the cons pointed out for Blackmagic Camera come from the point of view of casual DSLR shooting, not compared to other cinema cameras, which is what it's intended to compete with in a more budget-conscious manner. This was my thinking when pre-ordering the new Quad HD model.   A practical example:   The other day we were shooting an internal film for a client on Alexa Plus 4:3. Hey, if they can afford it...   The camera weighs 7KG (15lbs), that's just the body. Then you hang a Cooke prime on the front, a pair of Anton Bauers on the back and that's up to 10kg (22lbs) or so. Swap that for an Angeniuex or Arri Allura zoom for exmaple and you're up to 13KG (28lbs). That's before rigging, which needs to be heavy duty enough to hold such weight. As does your tripod.   We ate through eight big batteries in one day shoot, and they are bloody big expensive batteries. Also it wasn't really a full day in shoot terms. For day two we went to a an external tethered battery that was like a massive block of lead, so you have a person carrying that behind.   Does it look beautiful? Hell yeah! But it's not very easy...   The 4K (or Quad HD) BMD has an S35 sensor (it's actually smaller than S35 as most would think of it, but not enough to bother with, and not much more than the F55)  and you should be able to power it for a long time off of a chunky V-lok on a rig. You can then downscale the image in post or in camera to HD. You lose a few stops to the Alexa, but you can buy it for the price of a few days Alexa hire and use it every day til you know it like the back of your hand and you fill up your hard drive. And you can actually run and gun relatively stealthily due to global shutter and light weight. Seeing what could be done with the previous model of cinema camera actually made me think it wouldn't cut to bad with the Arri either.   Compared to picking up a 550D and shooting a friend or the trees outside, sure, Blackmagic cameras seem annoying, but compared to setting up a cinema camera? All the evidence so far from their previous camera suggests you'll get a long way to the wonderful look for less money, weight and hassle. Same for the pocket version, even if you have to rig it for batteries for some projects, I mean look at it, it's the size of a f***ing phone!   If you want to make narrative drama or blocked-out promo that is an amazing thought... you don't need to budget in a load of camera hire... just buy one of these, and that's all your films for the next three years sorted.   Now the new Red may have 6K, but I can't remember looking at a film shot on the old Red and thinking "oh that's not very detailed", quite the opposite, so it's quite excessive right now, and the cost is so high.   Let's just hope the new Cinema Cameras turn up in good time with no issues, after last year's debacle, all of those who have pre-ordered are rather nervous. There's quite a bit riding on these two models...   Now I just have to have a good idea... I knew there was a catch... ;)
  6. That's quite a lot of pixels! It's toward the end of this video. It'll be obscenely expensive, but you how these things come down in cost...   http://www.studiodaily.com/2013/04/nab-2013-video-astrodesign/   They are also part of the micro-four- thirds group, and make a 4K micro four thirds camera that records up to 60p   http://***URL removed***/news/2012/01/26/Astrodesign_MicroFourThirds   more here:   http://www.astrodesign.co.jp/english/product/ah-4413_ap-4414_am-4412
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTUQi8HBlg4&feature=player_embedded This film is the biggest folly in the history of cinema. And here is why... Cinema is not meant to be real, is meant to be an illusion of reality. An illusion of reality is more effective than actual reality. So to go and film all those fake beards and costumes and Hobbit holes and sound stages in glorious 4K 3D will give the feel of a live stage show, not a film. I'd go so far as to say that The Hobbit is not filmmaking any more. It is theatre with a camera crew. Nothing is implied, nothing is hidden, it is all on show. The made up world is laid bare for all too see - those cameras will capture the actual world in which the set is constructed, and the costumes made, and the makeup glistening in the artificial glare of a theatrical set of lights. What Peter Jackson is doing, is theatre and you will be watching a stage version. Just look at the set and costume design in the video above and tell me the illusion is going to stick when you film it in glorious 4K. It just won't. Especially not with that crazy fill lighting they have in every shot. I feel distraught. Perhaps I should have a sit down and a cup of tea.
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