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  1. Normally Noctua are one of the best brands in terms of fan cooling and certainly when it comes to being silent.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a bunch of items. The list is here below. I'm listing mostly Smallrig parts, but these can be from other brands too if the part and quality is similar or better. Preferably from EUROPE, to keep shipping and other extra costs low. Low profile Nato rail(s) (short to medium lengths) Smallrig Versacage 1584 (or 1750 but preferably the shorter one) Smallrig 15mm Baseplate 1674 (or something similar, that is as thin as possible and similar in length) 15mm/19mm combo handgrip rosette bridge clamp (or 15mm only like Smallrig 1898) Smallrig 15mm single rod rosette clamp 1686 Smallrig Cheeseplate / V-Mount battery plate 3016 Smallrig Nato tilt & swivel monitor mount 2385 or 2347 Smallrig Rodcaps 1617 Smallrig Nato rosette clamp 2046 Smallrig Cage single rod mount 1493 or 1549 Smallrig Single 90° rod clamps 2069 or 1104 Smallrig Dual rod clamp 2061 Smallrig HDMI D to A adapter clamp 3021 That's it for now, but might add a few items soon.
  3. Good to read some common sense. I really don't get the need for even more resolution. Or certainly not as a priority. Quite a few years ago, when 4K was new. There were so much more sceptics. Lot's more people downsizing the importance of resolution. I mean this in a good way. But now it seems like almost everybody got convinced by the resolution marketing. I remember reading an article going from 2K to 4K, where they did a cinema screen test. The increase in resolution was only visible from the first few front seats. I do understand the practicality when it comes to slightly reframing or being able to virtual dolly with a push in. But that's not how they market it at all, and thats not how the people get convinced. The Alexa and the Sony F35 are both still the best when it comes to digital cinema camera's. Colour science, dynamic range and motion cadence over these 4K, 6K and 8K buzzwords. And let's not forget, an easy workflow. Both the Alexa and Sony F35 suffice with a simple LUT to make them look good (cinema good). To keep it on topic It doesn't tick all of your boxes but it's quite a bit cheaper, Yiomo have you thought about a Sony pmw F3 ?
  4. Hi all, I'm a new member, but frequently check EOSHD. I'm selling my Möller Anamorphot 46/2x anamorphic adapter lens I would grade it as 'OK' Certainly not in immaculate condition. Some dust particles and coating marking Focus ring is a bit stiff, but that's not unusual for these type of lenses. The housing has some scratches and paint loss on the ring, but that does not impact performance. There's an image shot through the lens (handholding both lens and camera with taking lens). Would prefer to ship in Europe. Sold as is. Shipping depends on the country. Asking 360 euro
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