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  1. You know what I think lies behind this 'weirdness', which is widespread amongst retailers, prospective / actual customers, YT'ers etc. People wanted to believe it was all possible. They really really wanted what Canon appeared to be offering. The desire was on another level to previous new camera launches. This was Canon after all. The problem is it's turned typically more rational individuals into accepting a situation they really shouldn't. Making all manner of excuses for Canon, accepting all the ridiculous 'workarounds' etc. Basically turning them into fanboy lite.
  2. Likewise, over the years bought lots of gear from Pro AV, one of the better suppliers. But him ending with 'for lots of people looking for a hybrid this is one of the best options' is a pretty damning thing to say with a straight face.
  3. Manufacturers usually like to ship their new product and retailers usually like to sell them to customers. Obviously the standard response would be to await stock to fulfill back orders. A refund is pretty telling. I don't think you need to be Alex Jones to see what's happened here.
  4. Canon's underhanded actions once again. Not that we should be surprised by this point. So the 'unlucky' people that didn't get their R5 - basically dodged a bullet. What about the 'lucky' people that actually received an R5? What's Canon doing for those guys? What do they get for their 4K?
  5. This whole debarcle has bitten McKinnon hard on the ass. He's more than happily taken Canon's $ over the years, pushed them heavily and is arguably the most popular Canon YT'er out there - the face of Canon on YT. Then he complains people are ripping on him about the R5. Err, hello, you heavily promoted it buddy! Even made a video saying he shot a video with the R5 that didn't overheat. Next he dismisses people raising issues with the R5 that they aren't real content creators. Again, err hello McFly, Andrew Reid, Philip Bloom, Gerald Undone etc etc etc. Any reputation McKinnon may have had is in tatters.
  6. You're better off pointing the fan at yourself to cool down from being pissed at the R5.
  7. This is what I'm getting at - keeping the variables for the test the same. The problem with tests shooting in different external temps and different video modes for different amounts of time is this isn't consistent. Andrew's test keeps the external temp consistent and the 'load' on the camera the same (60 pics in an hour). If multiple R5 owners repeat the exact same test and get the same results you're getting something approaching empirical evidence which would make the case even stronger there are internal limits being applied. It'd be even harder for Canon to ignore.
  8. In a fridge, 60 images, 1 per minute *shut it down*?! That's the worst stills performance I've seen reported. Andrew - can you and others repeat the same test to see if this is consistent?
  9. Nor me. They'll likely say 'the camera performs to specs' completely ignoring the fact those 'specs' make it practically unusable in the much advertised higher modes. It's corporate arrogance putting it mildly and it'll push a lot of current and prospective customers away. Sure the fan boys will stay and defend the indefensible but the much admired brand will take a hit and rightly so. It's treating its customers as mugs with a wallet. I understand why somebody like Andrew or Bloom buy them to review and investigate and share stuff publicly but anybody else that buys one knowing their limitations is only enabling Canon's appaling behaviour.
  10. Canon have thus far failed to publicly address any of the issues other than release the crippled time specs at launch. Their handling of this has been appaling.
  11. I've seen several reports on Fred Miranda and elsewhere that the R5 freezes after stills shooting, only fixed by dropping the battery out. This sort of issue should be fixable via firmware but again quality control issue.
  12. I use Filmic pro on iPhone 11 Pro Max and you can get a lot of control and pretty impressive results. The biggest thing I miss is the physical interaction with traditional camera body but there's hell of a lot of positives to having it phone sized and on you all the time.
  13. You can get a Nikon D850 for about £1900 used in decent condition. Absolutely bullet proof and as refined as a DSLR can get. You don't have to 'fight' it like you do some mirrorless!
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