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  1. I stand by every word. But I refuse to contribute to a website that considers banning free speech. And for the record, I was merely defending my country, not my president. I also still believe that your camera reviews are some of the finest and most objective out there. Hope you are able to get home soon. This too shall pass.
  2. Is it possible to delete your own account on this website? I can't find that option anywhere in my profile.
  3. Chose not to believe what? I see no name, no statement, and no witnesses. Until there is clear evidence that any of this happened, neither one of us is in any position to call it true or false. And let me ask you. If this is such a huge story, then why are CNN, NBC, MSNBC and the CBC not running it? Normally these outlets would use a story like this to crucify Trump, but I can't find it anywhere. Doesn't that sound suspicious to you?
  4. I assume when you say chief investor you mean controlling shareholder. Please give me a link to his name and statement, and I will not bother you again. Let me be clear that our media in the United States hates Trump with a passion. They have been caught quite a few times either twisting the truth, or completely fabricating an entire story. This CureVac article is a serious accusation that has clearly angered an an entire nation, and it needs to be proven either way. If the truth comes out that Trump made this specific offer to CureVac, then I will return and apologize for wasting everyone's time. "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities". - Voltaire
  5. Where did you read that the former CEO rejected a specific deal? The German newspaper claims that the source of this story was anonymous. In other words, they have no proof. Please cite your source that actually names anyone from CureVac as the accuser. I can't find a name anywhere.
  6. Yes, I understand. I have the same problem with many other outlets, and I can't stand politics. The truth may be exposed when we figure out why this CureVac CEO is on "medical leave" all of a sudden. CureVac swapped their new CEO with their old one not long before this controversy happened. Stay tuned!
  7. Thank you for the kind welcome. As they say on radio, I'm a "First time caller...long time listener." This is shaping up to be a very nasty story. It smells as though someone in the company (CureVac) leaked this fictional story in order to gain financially. I will check to see if CureVac trades publicly on either the German or American markets. If so, this could be a classic "pump and dump" scheme. At the very least, CureVac just received additional funds of 80 million euros this week. This story exposes the hoax even further: https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2020/03/16/reuters-stealth-edits-debunked-story-claiming-trump-sought-monopoly-on-covid-19-vaccine/
  8. And now 'Business Insider'. Looks as though Reuters and other outlets were fooled. https://www.businessinsider.com/curevac-coronavirus-vaccine-trump-germany-denial-2020-3
  9. 'Politico' of Europe is also reporting the story as a possible hoax. The truth will come out eventually. https://www.politico.eu/article/trump-coronavirus-vaccine-germany-curevac/
  10. Is Die Welt am Sonntag considered a reputable news source? It appears they were duped. https://www.businessinsider.com/curevac-coronavirus-vaccine-trump-germany-denial-2020-3
  11. Thank you Andrew, for posting my comment. Many other sites would not do the same, so it's clear that you believe in free speech. The Reuters article, as well as the original Die Welt am Sonntag article broke on Sunday the 15th. The German biotech company of interest (CureVac) made a statement (and tweeted) on the 16th that completely denied the accusation. Both Gannett (140 million readers) and the Washington Post (3 million readers) have run this story. Gannett would never lift a finger to support Trump, and the Washington Post absolutely despises him. Something suspicious is happening here.
  12. There is a monumental difference between political opinion, and denial of the truth. The Trump-Germany story has been debunked by a number of sources. I attempted to post a link which proves this fact, but it has remained hidden for hours. So, search "Trump exclusive test Germany" and discover the truth. It never happened.
  13. As a member of the Independent (moderate) party, I too have been critical of Trump over certain matters. Your accusation regarding the German company CureVac, however. has been debunked as fake news. The following is a link to my source, Gannett Newspapers, which has never supported Trump. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2020/03/16/german-company-curevac-says-no-offer-trump-coronavirus-vaccine/5062072002/https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2020/03/16/german-company-curevac-says-no-offer-trump-coronavirus-vaccine/5062072002/
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