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    agarabaghi got a reaction from Leica50mm in Canon EOS R5 / R6 overheating discussion all in one place   
    Haha I just need 1-2 mins. I’ll be testing the issues myself if my pre order ships. Coming from zcam e2 I’m looking for the ibis benefits, full frame benefits, Af, and every so often the 8k option.
    if it can match or beat the image quality of the e2 and provide Ibis and af I’ll be happy. I don’t shoot wedding or interviews. But I do use my camera in the sun / outdoors. 
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    agarabaghi got a reaction from mechanicalEYE in Canon EOS R5 has serious overheating issues – in both 4K and 8K   
    Im gonna read and watch video and then actually try it myself and see if it works for me, before jumping to conclusions.
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    agarabaghi reacted to wolf33d in Canon EOS R5 has serious overheating issues – in both 4K and 8K   
    My main concern is the 4K120p file size. Why on earth no IPB at 1/3 the file size like ANY other modes including 8K. WTF... 
    Yeah Sony will have a better sensor like usual, better DR in stills, best of both world with the dual mpx of quad bayer, like having an R6 and R5 together. BUT ergonomics might be worst, color science might be worst, please of use and menus might be worst, and IBIS might be worst. I did not care for those when Canon was delivering 0 on other specs, but now that Canon delivers on specs those Sony issues cannot be ignored. 
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