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  1. It's common to see young dp's with their own easyrig and monitor, as an easy rig is something you use all day and in terms of hygiene, i've heard that argument multiple times. As a monitor, it's about a tool that you use on several jobs, where cameras and lenses change but the tool where you're looking it's always the same, so it helps with consistency on judging an image, etc.
  2. How's the dynamic range on this updated model? Any increase?
  3. Plus one on that. Good dynamic range with a solid codec and good sound. 4k 10 bit 422. No need for HFR.
  4. is it cokin or lee filters type? See if that fits your situation. There are other similar systems.
  5. I just bought a tascam dr 10 but I'm looking to purchase a few more in the next months. The zoom release has anything to do with that segment of the market? @IronFilm
  6. Hello IronFilm, care to elaborate or share a link to this next zoom f product? Thanks.
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