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    New_E reacted to wolf33d in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    I agree most including me do not care about 6K. 4K is good enough today. 

    I agree the AF is awful on the S1 as it is on the GH and I have said that for years now: we need good video AF on hybrids. 
    Way more important for me than a flip screen: a good 4K60P 10 bits in FF. No FF hybrid does that as of today. Not even 4K60 FF 8 bits. 

    I am hopeful the A7SIII will bring the above PLUS an insanely good AF (when seeing performance from A6400 consumer camera). Way more excited for that than the L mount system that has no lens, is way overpriced (based on S1 price and the rumored S1H price) and their shitty prehistoric ridiculous AF. 
    Thing is, what is Sony waiting???
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    New_E reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    In defence of the L mount*, the two most often used mounts for cinema cameras are PL and EF.
    There is an adapter for the former and a smart adapter for the latter so the risk such as it is resides in the body.
    In this respect it is no different to what people have been doing for years with an FS-5 or an FS-7 etc where you would be putting an adapter on it anyway.
    If people don't want to use an adapter then Sigma's L mount lenses will be here before this camera so the situation in terms of fast native lenses at reasonable prices will be completely different then.
    I think that considering the track record of the three current members of the L Alliance then the L mount will be around for a good while yet.
    Its easy to forget that it has already been around for five years as it is.
    * I'll exclude Leica in that defence for being absolute grade A arseholes for not making their cameras compatible with the Sigma MC-21
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    New_E reacted to ajay in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    I'm hesitant to buy into the new L-mount system and here's why:
    Panasonic should be selling all their L-mount cameras at nearly cost (which they are not) otherwise they will never obtain a high enough market-share to make this new line go anywhere. They need to get an-ever-shrinking customer base to buy into their system. Putting out a cinema mirrorless FF camera sounds great, but they very easily could end up being a dinosaur in just a few years time. The reason why Panasonic became so popular with independent filmmakers was the price of their M43 system.  Most of whom can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, not thousands. Who will be buying a 4k to 5k or more camera? Most can't afford it. By the time you buy lenses and rigs, you will be needing at least 10k to outift this new camera. I certainly wouldn't buy into this system until things shake out over the next 12 months or so. Too many other players about to release new cameras. Canon? Sony? Ask yourself how much are you willing to lose when in another couple years you were to try to sell L-mount cameras and lenses. Chances are their value will drop quickly. But hey, if you have an unlimited budget...go for it!
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    New_E reacted to DBounce in Panasonic FF L-mount Cine camera coming   
    This looks like a pretty legitimate article... so the "game changer", the "cinema dream" is 6k @ 24 fps? A feature no one was asking for?
    No flip screen, no PDAF and no built in ND? Disappointing. I think Panasonic will remain a distant last place sales wise. No one had a problem with the image quality of the S1. Personally, I really like the image of the S1. What the majority of people had a problem with was the contrast detect AF and the lack of a flip screen. Built in ND, while nice to have, was never expected on a hybrid... so it didn't lose points for lacking it. Leaving out the two most requested features is a huge disappointment... again!
    Oh well, nothing to see folks, just a more usable 6k photo mode... that no one asked for.
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