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  1. “The US has transitioned very successfully to a services based economy. I don't understand why so many Americans want the polluting labour intensive factories back and to plunder the land for massive amounts of raw material. That's why you have China, they are willing to do all of this and pollute their environment, so you don't have to, and so your kids can go to a nice school, get a good education and have a nice job that doesn't depend on manual labour.” The desire for cheap gear does not justify moving laborious polluting industries. The American government and industry need to take responsibility and develop procedures and methods to mitigate and manage harmful side effects to manufacturing. The fact that the polluting has been moved offshore thousands of miles away does not mean it does not effect you. The pollutants find there way here much like the cheap gear did. I have been to Guangzhou, I have seen the polluted air, it’s a sad realization when you see millions of young people being sacrificed in order to generate revenue for the country. Pollution doesn’t just go off into space it follows trade winds and ocean currents eventually normalizes in the atmosphere and ecosystem. Not only does China steal IP, force technology transfer and not open their market they damage your air and ocean all while making money off of you. No one holds them accountable because the people who should be doing that are busy making money from it and the everyday consumer is happy with their latest cheap gadget. Donald trump is a silly incompetent individual and is probably doing this out of a temper tantrum but it is the right thing to do. Everything has a cost and sooner or later people realize it. Millions of people rush to shop at Walmart and target then they wonder where their jobs went.
  2. I don’t agree with Donald Trump on most anything, however I do agree with him on this. China has stolen trillions of dollars in technology and put up obstacles for fair trade and open markets that they themselves agreed to. No one has done anything about Chinas empty promises and back peddling on opening their markets until Donald. In essence you are saying that you getting cheap gear is more important than the livelihood that was stolen from your neighbors, your sisters, your father because of Chinas actions. The revenue that was lost for your local schools, hospitals, police and fire dept. or elder care home. Donald Trump acts like a small minded child and is a TV presenter but in this article you insult him much like what he does to others. You also put your immediate gratification above the well being and stability of other people and communities and that makes you appear like the one with a single celled brain.
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