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  1. Personally, I think there should be something like Q3 since I've found the low-end of Q5 is too low on some static shots. It should also help the noise on the shadows thing.
  2. Ok, so for something like the Voigtlander lens, will that work because it's a native MFT lens but doesn't have AF?
  3. Wow, what a development! Does the unit have a follow-focus gear to integrate with manual focus lenses or does it only work with Panasonic/Leica lenses?
  4. Not sure what I'm looking at in BTM Pix's post?
  5. This is where that existing battery grip comes in handy.
  6. For Pocket V2, Blackmagic should just partner with Feelworld and get their 2200 nit version into the camera somehow.
  7. Jordan, I think you are the yoga king if that non-tiltable, non-movable screen doesn't bother you, my friend.
  8. First time I've heard anyone choose BM body/ergos over Panny body/ergos.
  9. Panny body, ergos, battery life + Blackmagic color science, codec = Greatest camera ever.
  10. Just based on volume of videos alone, you'd think camera people were trying to hit the YouTube jackpot with videos about foliage.
  11. They must be getting close to release. I can actually use this version without it crashing.
  12. Looks great! What lens did you use here?
  13. Actually, it sounds like the dude that posted in this thread earlier made most of his money from affiliate marketing and sponsors. I also noticed that a lot more people are selling T-shirts tied to their YT brand now too with just a click.
  14. Lately, it looks to me that bot computers just upload cartoons so busy parents can plop an iPad in front of their kids for hours at a time.
  15. There's a whole thread about that Blue Sky thing on the BMD forum: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=93737
  16. Good to know, thanks! I always found that LUT a little harsh so sprung for that buttery films LUT.
  17. Feature request for Davinci Resolve - one click 'make my skin tones awesome' button. Make it so, Blackmagic!
  18. BTM, if the kickstarter starts in August, when would we receive our units?
  19. You are ahead of your time, my friend! I need this in my life.
  20. BTM, how is the device powered? And can this be worn on person like a watch?
  21. Always good info from Captain Hook. An asset to this forum.
  22. Pretty sure 6.4 was only for the Ursa Mini Pro. 6.2.1 is the same as 6.2 except they fixed the problem they had with Windows users installing 6.2
  23. Hmmm.. that doesn't sound like a very good reason. It would seem to me that drumming up some excitement would greatly outweigh any potential disappointments. I always thought it was a bandwidth issue as it seems like BM is a small shop and can only devote their engineering resources towards a few projects at once. That's just guessing, though.
  24. BTW, does anyone know why BM doesn't advertise their fixes and firmware improvements ahead of time instead, of just opting to dropping them out of the blue on their users? I only say this when you compare it to other camera manufacturers that tell you months in advance that they are working to improve or add something.
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