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  1. Please bring the update out! I'm excited to start using it
  2. I made another video using the LUT again @Sage, this time using the LUT at 100 strength. I'm planning on making the move to Resolve soon, to have more control over my grade. I assume the LUT can be used in Resolve as well? https://youtu.be/6UxUGpJvRQs
  3. Thanks for watching! Typically I do aim for over a bit, but I would never ETTR so much that I clip the highlights
  4. hello all! I made the Ireland video, thanks for all of your lovely comments @PannySVHS I'll try to remember as much as I can about the process I used for this video. In-camera: I set my WB for each shot using a grey card, and the whole video was shot in V-LOG 24fps 150mbit 4K. Post: I use Premiere Pro for all post-processing, and I'm pretty sure I did all of the colour correction and grading within Lumetri for this video. I used the GHa Premiere 10-bit VLog [PRE] LUT in the 'Input LUT' section of Lumetri. And then used the GHa Daylight (Soft) at 80 Strength in the 'Creative LUT' section. I would do those 2 steps first, before colour correcting (minor adjustments to WB, exposure, possibly adding contrast in the RGB curve, slightly increase saturation). I didn't have to do anything else to the video in terms of grading, I really liked the colours like that. As @Sage mentioned, I found sometimes that greens went too far towards blues, but this was fairly easy to correct with the Colour Wheels in Lumetri. After colour correcting, I duplicated the videos into a second layer and set this new layer to Opacity 0.18 and Gaussian Blur 5.2, as recommended in the LUT PDF as a way of removing some of the GH5's digital sharpness. I then added in some grain which has been smushed by Youtube as expected. It's worth mentioning I only have a very limited experience of videography and colour grading, having done it as a hobby for about a year now. However, I'll gladly try to answer any other questions anyone has. Equally, I'm very open to any suggestions on my process anyone has after watching my video! I can't recommend @Sage's conversion LUT enough, it does magical things to the GH5.
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