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  1. 50 minutes ago, zerocool22 said:

    So the nikon z6 is now around 12 stops. but with the raw update beeing raw and all, and photo's are 14 stops of DR. We will get 14 stops of DR out of the nikon Z6 right?  Which would make this a 2,5K $ FF raw camera(with the atamos recorder included). Which is even only half the price of the zcam F6. This could be the next best thing and blows everything in the near range out of the water, or am I missing something here. What are the downsides of the Z6, as I never used it or saw it really? (I have a shitton EF glass, are there decent adapters out there?)

    In stills mode the camera uses 14bit ADC readout and has a DR of 13.45EV at base gain.

    Video mode switches to 12bit ADC readout so DR can't be over 12EV unless there's some additional on-chip NR.

  2. 13 hours ago, Mokara said:

    I am well aware of what a processor is. Are you?

    Having processors and having processors capable of handling the data stream within a cameras thermal envelope are two completely different things. That is why camera's video capabilities are usually limited. It is not an issue with the sensor, the processors can't handle the data throughput without overheating. That is where the bottleneck is.

    Panasonic have the most efficient processors (which is why they usually have the most advanced video capabilities in smaller cameras - sensors have nothing to do with it, everyone's sensors are capable of far more than what the processor can handle). After them comes Sony. Nikon are a way back from that and Canon are in the far distant rear.

    They do however design them.

    Apple doesn't make anything itself. But it does design everything that is made for them.

    With newer generation sensors capable of more on-chip capabilities such as on-chip binning, on-chip oversampling and so on, the sheer power of processors is starting to become irrelevant.

    And no, Sony design the sensors, Nikon and Apple buy them off-the-shelf, they do make minor customisations. Fujifilm swapped the standard Bayer mask to X-Trans and that's the biggest customisation Sony ever allowed.

    If you buy a car and do a custom paint, can you say you designed the car?

  3. 21 minutes ago, etudiant said:

    Would not an Apple/Nikon partnership in imaging make sense?

    Nikon is a great name in optics, but has no real partner in digital or electronics, while Apple has those, but is not a player in optics.

    A hookup would avoid the humiliation of Nikon going to Samsung or Sony for their electronics and systems integration, plus Apple could fund Nikon from their petty change account.

    Neither Nikon nor Apple makes image sensors, they all go to Sony Semicon.

  4. 5 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

    and why not hlg you semmed to be prefering it to flog by far

    Overall I do prefer HLG, but in this case I was mainly testing the GHalex LUT and it works better with F-log material in terms of skintone.

  5. 8 hours ago, andrew_dotdot said:

    “Shot a water sports festival with X-T3, hugely empowered by the enhanced face detection in the latest firmware, face select also came in handy when switching subject.

    F-log, HEVC 400Mbps LongGOP, sharpness and NR -4,  custom WB”

    @androidlad — Curious here: Seems like you must have been shooting 4K (or DCI) at sub-30 FPS to use HEVC, LongGOP and 400Mbps. How did you decide to go for LongGOP versus ALL-I @ 400Mbps?

    More datarate per group of frame to minimise F-log blocking/banding.

  6. On 5/25/2019 at 5:06 PM, motelhell said:

    Long time lurker here, and happy to finally join in. I just got my X-T3 2 weeks ago, and I'm in love. It checks all the boxes for me now. Best camera I've had since my beloved D700. Now I have an issue with 120p /5x here. I shot some clips but they are really soft, was actually pretty shocked. Then I checked and the data rate in QT was hovering around 40 Mbit/s. What's going on here? What settings am I fucking up?

    120P is recorded in 200Mbps bitrate, conformed to 24P it's 40Mbps, for LongGOP it's an acceptable bitrate.

    The perceived softness comes from the readout modes, it's a hybrid of pixel-binning and line-skipping, so definitely won't be as detailed as 4K oversampling.

    But still, it's the most detailed, relatively artifacts-free FHD 120P out there.

  7. Shot a water sports festival with X-T3, hugely empowered by the enhanced face detection in the latest firmware, face select also came in handy when switching subject.

    F-log, HEVC 400Mbps LongGOP, sharpness and NR -4,  custom WB.

    Graded with GHalex LUT, simple contrast/saturation adjustments

    A couple observations:

    1. Face detection does not work at all with sunglasses, would be great if it could.

    2. To get the purest colours from X-T3, custom WB is the way to go! Use a proper white/neutral grey card to set a custom WB to the key light.




  8. 7 minutes ago, Attila Bakos said:

    Fuji log uses 95-1023, because of the gamma curve. That's still a wider range than video range (64-940).

    Strictly speaking it's full range 0-1023. But Fuji encodes nothing between 0-95.

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