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  1. Yes... that's kind of true, but I also find this is one of the aspects of creating motion pictures I like most: We have the privilege to combine all sorts of media and arts to tell a story: framing, movement, audio, music, graphics, even spoken or written text... The palette of ingredients and tools for us filmmakers is kind of infinite.
  2. Michi

    RED Komodo

    Fair enough. But still: I have never heard about that rumour. Most interesting question for me: would Canon even do that? Have they ever sold their sensors?
  3. Michi

    RED Komodo

    Where have you read this? From what I know, the people at red so far have always developed their own sensors...? And has Canon ever sold sensors to other manufactors? And PDAF is a fact for Komodo, has been demonstrated in a video by Jarred Land already...
  4. Thank you for this information. I didn‘t know that. I guess it‘s another story then.
  5. On a side line: Pretty sure it‘s not a good idea to publish information about health issues of an identfiable person, most defenitely not without consent. This person has a right for privacy too...
  6. [ sudo ] reposition cannon: canon: switch to / sony ... / new aim registered 😂
  7. You bought a 6k $ camera and around 4k $ worth of lenses and found out these things only after your purchase...? I'd love to have the means to invest like that 😬
  8. Ha, that sounds kind of plausible. They got some throwing-practice in the last few years and are now masters of that craft 😂 I always wonder what people refer to when writing about motion cadence. Is that a real, measurable thing? Sounds more like something esoteric...
  9. Ah come on. You actually hope for this camera to be flawed, right? So you have an argument to keep disliking the Brand behind it. To each its own – but that attitude is kind of small-minded from my POV. In the long run we all benefit from such advancements in technology no matter what Brand we favor. It has been like that with Red, with the Panasonic GH-Cameras, with Blackmagic and yes, with the 5DII. And take it from me that you can still dislike a Brand even when acknowledging it does some things right. I have an unjustified negative bias to Sony, never liked shooting with their cams, be it the PMW200, the FS700, the F5, the Z150... But looking at the FX9 I have to say: Damn, that's a great Camera that produces beautiful images. Or Samsung: I have a Samsung Printer I'd like to treat with a baseball bat each and every time I have to use it. And and old BluRay Player of them created a hatred in me for everything Samsung. And yet: their T5s are the best SSDs in the price range they're available. I still don't like Samsung, but I value their T5s and use them every day. So keep disliking Canon, that's fine. But acknowledge that the R5 promises to be a great achievement in Camera technology, even if the actual specs were only to be half as good as the specs on paper promise. They'll push boundaries with this one, that is undeniable.
  10. Yes, of coures. This will not be the mirrorless 1DX equivalent. The R6 will be a lower priced camera, logic suggests the mirrorless 6D. You forgot to mention 8k raw in the R5... And if the mirrorless 5D gets that big a spec bump, the mirrorless 6D will too. That's my thinking. We'll see soon enough...
  11. This is a very impressive film! I'm working on something similar, but prospective. Some timelapses now from normally busy places with the intention to come back in normal times and reshoot that exact timelapses. If you still have the opportunity, do some timelapses too from Rue Saint-Catherine during Corona-Times. I assume the visual differences will be even more impressive than in realtime...
  12. I'd take a bet on you with this! This camera will have C-Log and shoot 10bit. I have no inside knowledge, but the rumors indicate a Camera higher specced than the EOS R which has C-Log and AF in video. The RP is a Full Frame M50, which is not a bad Camera imho.
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