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  1. Well I'd say 30p and here in Europe 25p are the standard (normal) realtime framerates. Wouldn't you? 50p/60p is used mainly for slowmo. So unless you're shooting sports or maybe a musicvideo I see no merit in shooting everything 50p/60p. Quality should be more or less identical on the RP as the bitrate doubles: 30Mbs in 30p, 60Mbs in 60p. Higher framerate-modes have often degrading quality since many cameras record them in only slightly higher bitrates. Maybe I misunderstood you?
  2. Michi

    NAB 2019 Predictions and Wishes

    How and when did they say this? Never took notice of any information like that. Canon did state in an Interview after the C200 release that they could not do a better recording option for technical reasons. But I believe that is just a lame excuse. The C200 has dual processors just like the C300 II, only it's the newer version (Digic DV6 vers. DV5 in the C300 II). So yeah, let's hope they have a moment of mercy and just level up the C200 once the C300 III is out...
  3. Michi

    NAB 2019 Predictions and Wishes

    Oh, thanks for pointing out that new rumor. I wonder if the C300 III will already have an RF mount if it is announced at NAB. My hope is that Canon will give the C200 a better lower/middle ground recording option (XF-AVC 8bit422 or even 10bit422) once the C300 goes 8K or Full Frame or both (and yeah, I know that's wishful thinking too)...
  4. Michi

    NAB 2019 Predictions and Wishes

    Not going to happen. You should know this company by now. No way Canon will release a successor to the C100 II with a better Codec than on the C200. Even Sony would't do that. What may will come one day is a C100 with 4k30p in 8bit 420 and no RAW. CanonRumors suggested the first RF-Cinema-Camera will not come before the end of 2019 and that it will be the C300 upgrade. So prepare to be disappointed...
  5. Haha, I too thought about that comparsion just this morning. Indeed, the critics sound somewhat similar. My main production tools are all from Canon and Apple – I must be a crazy dude for some
  6. I'm one of those I too make this observation. It's not often that I spot a video shooter that earns his or her living with a Canon DSLR or MILC. But on the other side there are numbers that contradict this subjective observations. With the M50 ans EOS R Canon has apparently taken the market lead for mirrorless cameras in Japan (Canon Rumors reported that some weeks ago). I don't know if that market is completely different from that in Europe and America but I take it as a sign that potential customers with need for good video specs still represent only a small minority of the whole market. Canon is a successful business, been so for many years. To say they don't know what they are doing (as many here apparently think) is simply naive. Specs aren't everything, reliability and support are just as important if you want to use these tools on a daily basis to earn a living. And Canon does have reliable products and very good support. Nonetheless that's no excuse for what Canon did with the Video-mode in the EOS RP.
  7. I think they the only justification is they don’t want video shooters to buy this camera instead of the EOS R. And I agree, it‘s an arrogant and greedy decision, even for Canon standards.
  8. What makes you think so? I'd have thought "normal" shooters would mainly use 30p...?
  9. Agree on that too. Only thing missing for me is 4K with DPAF on APS-C. I think a mirrorless 7D would have to offer that. I could even live with a crop as it would be my B-Cam for closer angles in Interviews or the wider angles in general shooting situations (with the Tokina 11-16 F2.8). 4K60 is nothing mandatory for me, already have that on the C200. So I hope you‘re right with the M5 II... Sure, that would work. For video it would even work without buying a FF Zoom. But in stills-mode I could only use one of my 8 lenses without compromise. Maybe I‘m a dying species but I just don‘t want to go full frame...
  10. Yes, I too think it‘s highly unlikely we‘ll ever see an EOS-M body that ticks all my boxes. But hope dies last (as you say in german). Maybe some day a mirrorless 7D equivalent will come, be it EOS-M or EOS-RF... And regarding the EOS R: in principle I could work well with what it offers. But I don‘t like the idea of investing 2000 bucks to use only half of that cameras potential. At the EOS RP price point, I‘d consider it (but would still be screwd when using it for stills). Im fully invested in S35/APS-C, no need and no intention to go FF...
  11. I'm no expert but I assume there could be heat issues in smaller bodies like those of MILCs. Maybe also energy issues. I shot with the C100 and shoot with the C200 now. Both have fans, the one in the C200 blows like a ventilator when not recording. Also the batteries are more than double the size of those used in DSLRs and the EOS R (and you still have to change them after 2-3 hours of shooting). So for me it's highly unlikely we'll ever see a DIGIC DV in a stills camera. I think we video-shooters will have to live with the fact that Canon won't ever give us what we want in those smaller Stills-Bodies. I used an 80D as a B-Cam and now use an M50 for that. Both cameras worked fine when I was shooting HD only. Now I switched to UHD and it's a PITA. The lack of DPAF in 4K on the M50 is a big disadvantage when I want to use it for a close-up angle in an interview. Almost all my lenses are APS-C only so I don't want to buy an EOS R. Still hoping for a more powerfull EOS-M body with full sensor 4K and DPAF. Other than that, what's left for us, the XC15? There are lot's of things to like with Canon: support, AF, lenses, reliability... But yeah – looking at all their releases since the C200, theres not much to be happy about as a video shooter...
  12. Fair enough. And I agree - for Video shooters nothing with a similar form factor comes close to the GH5 (when you don't fear MFT).
  13. I predict you'll be disappointed. No way 10-bit Clog is going to happen in this camera.
  14. The crop has to be smaller than on the EOS R. Less MPs, less crop. Otherwise it would have to be upscalde 4K. And I don‘t expect that. Still, don‘t have too high expectations. This could likely be just a Full Frame M50: no 30p, no Clog, no DPAF in 4K. I wouldn‘t miss 30p and Clog too much, I have matched the M50 with EOS Clog easy to the C100 and C200 (maybe not to a Pro-Colorists satisfaction, but close). But DPAF will be missed a lot more on this camera than on the M50. I hope I‘m wrong but think history will repeat itself: expectations are too high -> lots of disapointment -> „2012 called“, „rip off“, „canon is doomed“ -> things normalize, life goes on -> rumors of next camera appear 🙂
  15. I think this is to decent for a low end Canon release. If there actually is a new 24mp sensor in this Camera (with better DR than the one from the 6D II), Canon Log and 4K in a S35 crop (with DPAF working in 4K video) this would be an almost perfect B-camera for my needs and my new go to stills camera. But I don't think these are the real specs of that camera, at least not at that price point. I expect a mirrorless 6D II with 4k video but without DPAF in 4K. Come on Canon, just bring out an M5 II with full-sensor 4K, DPAF in 4K and Canon Log.