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  1. Ya I have the vid Atlantic filter from before I got my aivascope and I have a black pro mist, but I’m curious about these diopters as the main problem with my spherical lenses is they are too sharp
  2. How would you suggest recreating the anamorphic look with diopters? I’ve been trying to do this for a second camera to match A Cam (can’t afford two anamorphic adaptors) and what do you mean by bpm?
  3. How would 52mm diopters work when the front filter thread is 82mm?
  4. Hi everyone, i'm having a hard time distinguishing between the many types of closeup lens attachements. I have an aivascope anamorphic adaptor with an 82mm front thread. It focuses to about 1m away, but I would love to have an adaptor to do extreme closeup macro shots (within 1') of the lens. I've seen closeup lens filters for as little as $3 all the way to $200 for the Hoya set, all claiming to do the same thing. Can anyone explain why there is such a variance in price? Is there nothing available for around $50 that will do the trick well enough?
  5. For those with the emount Sigma 50mm f1.4, can you comment on whether the af motor noise is gone in af-c mode for video? I have some art lenses I use with the mc11 adaptor but the autofocus is somewhat loud in af c mode and are not good for audio recording in video mode
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