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  1. I'm following this with great interest. What are the odds of having something along the lines of the following? https://nikonrumors.com/2018/02/24/towerjazz-working-on-a-new-full-frame-sensors-with-global-shutter.aspx/ Perhaps a 4:3 FF multiaspect sensor, with BSI and global shutter? It would also probably make a lot of sense for Panasonic, Olympus and Leica to repeat the original m43 venture and create a common platform. And I don't think m43 sales would hurt; every manufacturer has at least two major camera lines after all, in different market segments.
  2. On the matter of "ISO cheating", perhaps the following article would be helpful: https://photographylife.com/does-fuji-cheat-with-its-sensors Please take note of Iliah Borg's (author of RawDigger) entries in the comment section.
  3. First post in here! @GreekBeast do you live in Greece too? Because this could play a role in buying options. Your choices depend on a number of things: do you absolutely need AF? Will you often use a gimbal? 1) If you want AF on all lenses, the (Canon) Metabones + Sigma 18-35 is a great choice. There is also the much more economical Viltrox adapter (also for Canon) which has received rave reviews but is backordered almost everywhere. I guess you can expect more than two months to receive it in Greece (due to customs clearance times...) 2) If you go the Nikon way (as I've
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