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  1. Ok, first comment: what the hell is "3-axis tiltable LCD" Comment #2: Since they don't have the camera ready yet, I think they left a lot of things purposefully ambiguous. Which is a good poker-game strategy. No talk about video codecs, no details about the AF system, nothing about fps in photo mode, no mention of 6K and/or anamorphic, etc. My guess is that they have a lot in the pipeline and they play the waiting game to see what Sony will introduce, since it's the only player not having shown their cards yet. Oh, and speaking of Sony, my guess is that the sensors are Son
  2. Game on https://www.l-rumors.com/these-are-the-new-panasonic-sr1-and-s1-full-frame-cameras/
  3. This is not how it works. Nikon D800 had the 36mp base sensor before the first gen. a7R. The 24mp APS-C sensor was also used in the D7100 and Pentax K-3 before the a6000. Sensors in the D5 and D500 are proven to be manufactured by Sony too (and never used in any sort of Sony cameras). We are always talking about the "base" chip, not the actual (brand) implementation. Finally, this could be a Sony-manufactured, Fuji-spec sensor, like the one in the D850, though I doubt it.
  4. Press release leaked: https://www.l-rumors.com/press-release-for-new-leica-panasonic-and-sigma-l-mount-alliance-leaked/
  5. There is a rumor (or is it confirmed already? I don't remember) about a new firmware update coming up for GH5(s)/G9. Could it make color science more consistent among cameras? Can it be done with firmware only or is it too much sensor-specific? If Panasonic gives us an updated color science which is more or less the same in their whole line of cameras, they will dominate everything. This and high-performance video AF is their only relative weaknesses against the competition.
  6. Unfortunately, not. The L-mount is 19mm flange distance, while m43 is 19.25mm. The option for a dummy "ring" adapter is certainly feasible, but I'm not optimistic that electronics could be fitted for AF and EXIF. OTOH you never know. Extra optical elements or ND integration are out of the question though. What I hope for is an electronic ND filter in the camera (a physical one would again be very hard to implement).
  7. Can't see how it can be used for video. It's the same mechanism that does IBIS, by the way I think the big question for all is whether this will be a Sony manufactured sensor or Panasonic will go for a Samsung or Towerjazz design. I find the non-Sony option very exciting.
  8. Exactly. I'm on the same boat, and let's not forget Panasonic in general always had a tradition for innovation and very few weaknesses with their cameras. E.g. apart from the sensor limitations (where applicable) and video AF (for the most part, although improved), the GH5/G9 are almost perfect hybrid cameras IMHO. It can do much more: as Hasselblad does, it can also get true color information for each pixel (three different positions) and still produce a "base" resolution image with much improved (accurate) color.
  9. Perhaps I could clarify this: users think that either the cheaper Sony lenses are not "good enough" (at least in regards to value/cost) OR they are fantastically good but very expensive (the G-master line and some other Sony branded lenses). Not everyone has 10K+ to spend upfront for lenses when adopting a new system, so having a reasonably priced, high performance option is always welcome. Furthermore, many Canonikon users already used to use and love Sigma ART lenses on their DSLRs; in fact most Canon users at least initially use their EF Sigma glass adapted on their Sonys.
  10. They are probably completely capable of reverse engineering the Z/R mounts. But, plot twist: suppose terms of the mutual Pana/Sigma/Leica agreement is that Sigma can do whatever they want in-house, but not release any lenses for the Canonikon mounts until 2020. ?
  11. Very true. Sigma is already doing excellent with the FE-mount lenses where it has boxed the market for high-performance yet affordable glass. I had many pros tell me that they'd never consider buying the Sony a7iii for example, if Sigma wasn't involved; Sony/Zeiss branded lenses are either not adequate enough, in their view, or extortionately expensive. So, no need for Sigma to bust their balls over the Z and R mounts, and suddenly Nikon and Canon mirrorless systems find themselves in the position that Fuji was 5+ years ago: in need to hurry up completing their lens lineup by themselve
  12. "Something Wicked This Way Comes..." ? This is mind-blowing; I bet next week everybody will be on their toes for any tidbit of information concerning this. What could the next bomb-shell be? Samsung's involvement? Olympus and/or Pentax declaring future support and participation in the system?
  13. This is difficult to answer without knowing about the application. What do you want to shoot? Sports have entirely different requirements to portraits or travel photography. I use the Viltrox+Sigma (EOS mount) setup. First time I tried it for stills, it reminded me of the time I was using the EM1mk1 with the Viltrox FT to m43 adapter and Olympus 14-54mm f2.8-3.5 mk2. Quite snappy but not spectacularly fast. I'd say at the same level as some older native m43 lenses. If I use the setup for stills it will be for static subjects, so, again, depends on your application.
  14. 3:2 was never a good option for print; you either had to crop or lose paper real estate. 4:3 is much more efficient and is the same ratio as with 645 medium format cameras. The most versatile option for a sensor would perhaps be 4:3 multiaspect (if stills+video is the goal)
  15. I guess we'll know soon enough if the X-T3 sensor is a Samsung produced one. If the forthcoming Sony a7000 (or whatever they call it) has the same mp count and features, it is a Sony sensor (or based upon one). As it happened so many times in the past. I'm personally very much in favor of competition in this arena and Samsung certainly has some highly impressive technology. Let's wait and see.
  16. I totally agree on the Viltrox. In fact I think this company is going places; I remember using their Four Thirds to m43 AF adapter a few years ago, and it was splendid esp. for the price (EM1mk1 + 14-54mm Oly lens). Now they have several adapters and even some ridiculously great LED lights. We had the L132 for a wedding Saturday, and I was blown away by the quality and performance for a little more than 25 euros (!!!). Not to hijack the thread: back to the XT3. My feeling is that this camera will be another good "excuse" for extensive adapted lens use for video. The XH1, IMHO, was a gre
  17. Thank you. I'm not into pixel peeping either and never had an issue even with the cheapest focal reducers for photos (much less for video). Unfortunately I see the Kipon AF focal reducer for Fuji comes at Metabones level prices... Which is curious since the similar Sony version is at half price, hmmm.... Looking forward for your test reviews!
  18. As an X-Photographer I'm fortunate enough to have either owned or extensively tested every Fujifilm camera and lens. It is almost universally recognized that the 16mm, 90mm and 80mm are the sharpest and optically best of the Fujinons. They are also the fastest in terms of AF. On the other hand, perhaps other Fuji lenses offer more "character". For mainstream pro work (e.g. weddings) you can't go wrong with any of those three. Great! I have been using, testing and writing reviews on my blog about various focal reducers during the last 4 years or so and never had the chance to test a Ki
  19. Thanks. I also use the m43 booster version all the time and I'm very happy with the results. If the Fuji version offers the same level of AF performance, I'm sold. Being able to use the Sigma 18-35 with the Fujis can justify buying this adapter by itself. I will even be using it on the X-Pro2 for photos. By the end of the month I will have the XT3 for testing/review and it would be ideal to have the Viltrox by then too. So I'll be reading your report with great interest!
  20. Speedbooster? Is there such a thing? Because I was under the impression that only an AF (non-boosted) version was available: http://www.viltrox.com/en/index.php?m=index&a=show&cid=145&id=220 This was the adapter featured in the previous test video. If you have a link to the Viltrox adapter you mention, I would be very interested
  21. Hope they don't shoot themselves in the head by omitting IBIS. That is, if this camera is going to compete with high level Sony and Nikon mirrorless (future a7Siii and Z7) at the same or similar price point. ND is great news if confirmed, as well as "official" adapters. Everything in this list is speculative, TBH, almost all can be "guessed" without any "source" at all.
  22. This is a 4:3 ratio image sensor, so it's hard to believe it will be in any forthcoming Sony camera, except if they decide to release something groundbreaking. It's interesting to note that they also have a m43 sized sensor, with the same specs. Either way, global shutter sensors using this tech are certainly coming to a camera near you, soon enough.
  23. In actual fact, the exact opposite is what happened: Oscar Barnack transported the cinema 35mm film horizontally thus allowing for about twice the area and creating the first "35mm" photographic camera.
  24. This is about Sony a9 price range, isn't it? I'd be very glad if this was true... my guess is more than that. OTOH we don't really know it's only one camera, do we? The announcement may well be for a new system and a logical guess would be that they'd try to offer a hi/lo "range" of at least two cameras. Perhaps a somewhat "stripped down" version between 2 and 3K and a high-end 4-5K version. There was also mention about a subscription type scheme and add-on features similar to V-LOG for the GH5. Too much speculation, too little information at the moment...
  25. This could be a possible development. AFAIK though, Fujifilm is no longer involved in the project (?) I always thought that they would initially make a smaller "technology demonstration" sensor, but who knows? We are hearing about this tech for the last 5-6 years, perhaps it's mature enough to take such a risk.
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