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  1. Are you kidding????? guess you dont own many cameras. I have owned Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Pentax. If you think Sony fanboys are bad...you need to get out of your bubble cause I have NEVER seen any fanboys worst than m43 people. They have this sever inferiority complex that it just never ceases to amaze me. But reading a few posts here it seems this forum is mostly filled with m43 zombies so that makes sense to find such a dumb, nonsensical thread here. Oh well hahaah I can see you are simply a cluess and classless troll. Why are retarded posts like this allowed here? Guess I wont be supporting nor recommending EOSHD to anyone else from this point on.
  2. I had the G85 for a while...even took it on a 1.5 months road trip in Europe along with my RX100 V. I couldnt disagree more about claiming you need to go much higher than $1000 to beat the G85..If you care about best 4k video IQ, the A6300 will easily beat the G85 I have been shooting Sony after I moved from a Pentax DSLR but have also played with Canon 5D IV, Nikon P900, etc...all sorts of cameras . Honestly, the G85 never made my happy IQ wise. The 4k video just never had the detail, impact I saw from the A6300 I had before buying the G85. The reason I sold the A6300 is because I only wanted a one camera solution for behind the scene videos of my photoshoots that could also work as a travel camera with more flexibility and better IQ than my rx100 V. Well, the G85 surely has better IBIS than the A6300 (which has non) and the A6500 but is not perfect specially with wider lenses. The problem is...the IQ just let me down. Not only lacking in detail but also any time you push the ISO it will get grainy. At 3200 the difference to the A6500 is clearly noticeable. At 6400 is BIG and at 12800 is laughable really (the same goes for the G9). Sure there are things I wish the 6500 had from the G85...namely a bigger body to have more controls (but this is a complicated matter since there are many that prefer an even smaller body so its a no win situation for Sony). Better IBIS would be nice but I figured that I am better of with a Gimbal instead either way. But when it comes to IQ...this is a no contest and that is what counts to me the most, not to mention the video AF of the Panasonic is a disaster compared to the fantastic one from the A6500. So I sold the G85 and bought an A6500 and couldnt be happier with the 4k video quality I get now. Sure if it would do 4k60p that would be even better so that is the main reason I would upgrade but not at a bank breaking price since my main camera is an A7R3. Regards
  3. I had the g7x and mark ii..in no way is the g7x superior in high iso than the rx100 v which now I own after comparing to the G7XII. The lens is also much better across the frame and auto focus is light years better than the canon. The reason I wanted to love the Canon was the 100mm range but the rx100 v was so much better overall that I ended up buying it.
  4. Is the update going to be a separate purchase? I was going to buy the Pro 3 for my RX100 V but I also have the A7R3. Thanks!
  5. Hello! Any RX100 V users with pro Color 3? Just wondering how it is working with the RX100. I basically do not do video work (portrait photographer) so I would like to get some picture profile for video that looks as good as possible without having to color grade etc. Thanks!!
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