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  1. I have been thinking recently of switching to Affinity Pro, has anyone got experience with it? I am very much a photoshop user, mostly using bridge and camera RAW as I like the interface. But I am feeling like I am being ripped off now and would rather own than lease software.
  2. This is going to be fun! I wonder if there is an advantage or disadvantage for first post?
  3. Sounded beautiful in the Atmos theatre I went to, maybe they just aren't mixing with older systems in mind?
  4. I work in documentary TV and what I have seen in 5 years is exactly what you are talking about Andrew - a lower/mid budget set up would be C300 and 5Dmk3 and cinema cameras would be sony or arri to now FS7, A7S2 and then a cinema sony or arri. Canon have LOST a huuuge market with doc makers, everyone is pretty much using FS7s because they are more versatile and shoot beautiful images, they like the A7S2s because they are small, can chuck their EF lenses on it with speedbooster and shoot in crazy low light. We had an in house C300 up until recently, but sold it due to it not being used in a year. We also have a couple of 5Dmk3s and they only get used for stills these days. I remember seeing the 1DC on a shoot and thinking how incredible the footage and that this may be how all their cameras would go... but... nope I think they got greedy and wanted to push everyone on to their C-1/2/300s, they could have cornered the market! just imagine a 5DC and 1DC line running alongside the still camera lines with all the potential magic lantern unlock .. that massive error twinned with disappointing stills cameras being produced, can't see them keeping their dominance for much longer
  5. I bought one of these recently open box with the 30mm 1.4 art lens for £600, absolute bargain! Have to shoot ISO100, the noise above that is hideous. Also got the 17-50 2.8 to cover the wider angles second hand for £200. Saving up now for a faster 50mm and then I am set. I only shoot DNG mode as the sigma software is just terrible, slow and really not great to use. I have got some really beautiful shots with very natural colours. See attached image taken with the 17-50, for £800 I don't think many set ups can match this for ISO 100 shooting. Definitely going to try the infrared adjustment though, really amazing images from it, great article about a camera that and sensor that goes under the radar.
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