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  1. Something radical has changed over at Sony. It used to be nearly impossible to keep up with their camera announcements, now the competition is either catching up or gearing up to surpass them. Shipping on the A7iii was horrendously slow. Even months after reviews were out, it was unavailable at major suppliers. The apsc line has stalled badly, and even the A5100 and 6000 are still lurking around stores embarrassingly. Don’t even start on lenses. Either madly overpriced compared to the competitors, or badly in need of refreshment. Take the (silver only) 16mm apsc lens and compare it to the 16mm sigma which boasts better optics and overall quality and doesn’t look like a lemon on the end of a predominantly black camera body line up. Great that 3rd party companies have stepped in to fill the vacuum, but you always have a gnawing doubt about AF and other issues with non native glass. Maybe they lost their best R&D people to a rival. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, John Brawley said:

    I don’t actually work for Blackmagic. It’s not my job to make you happy or smooth anything over when you have an issue with them not inviting you to an event.  

    It’s not my job to pander to anyone.

    I don’t answer to BMD. 

    Just like you I’m an independent opinion and my opinion doesn’t reflect Blackmagic’s views.

    I think you’re misunderstand why I’m here. 

    Nice job on the personal attack Andrew.



    To both of you, I think the general camera buying public really appreciate the efforts you both put in, informing buyers of pros and cons. Have a beer and cool down. Social media is like road rage these days. Don't take it seriously. But honestly, bury the hatchet and keep doing what you do. Build bridges not walls!

    Both of you are great, AR and JB. I think Jo Public really appreciates the work you do. Don't get too riled up by social media commentary. It's like road rage online these days. Sit down and have a pint and let the BS blow over. 

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