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  1. Azagey

    Fuji X-T4

    Any idea if it's 10 bit 4:2:2 or still 4:2:0 like the X-T3?
  2. Very interesting, but isn't the full frame sensor and full V-log slightly negated by the 150mbps? The 400mbps v-log l from GH5s could possibly be as good if not better in post?
  3. Can anyone let me know if it’s possible to input a LUT in camera for F-log monitoring without needing an external recorder? For example, can I record F-log internally to the SD while simultaneously displaying the Eterna LUT on the back screen? Thanks!
  4. There should be a setting in the menu that says something like "Exposure mode" or something similar and it's automatically defaulted to "P" event if you're in the "M" dial mode. If you go into the settings and find that exposure setting and switch it from "P" to "M" it should be good to go!
  5. Does anyone know if the OVF is at all functional while recording 4k? I know the framing would be hard and the focusing even harder, but I'm curious if you can use the OVF at all while recording video, or only the EVF?
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