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  1. This was a labour of love project I did for my sister trying to help increase her profile as she climbed the ranks of Muay Thai in Australia. She eventually became Australian champ before retiring to pursue her career in Social Work. Shot on a GH4 with the Sigma 18-35mm mostly. I'm more of a visual production guy so the audio is the weak link here but I was very satisfied with the result. Pouring your heart into a project is far more fulfilling than any payment, naturally this was a freebie
  2. This would be amazing and I would happily donate a few $ in appreciation .
  3. Congrats on bringing this to life. I'm sure a lot of us suffer from having many "cool" ideas that never get realised, so kudos to you. I'd love to support you with a purchase of a Panasonic unit when the time comes, just point me in the right direction when you are all setup. Question: Does you focus pull function work similar to the GH5's. For me this, and the remote thumbstick control of focus is worth the price of entry as a gimbal shooter. Great stuff mate.
  4. Just signed in to say a big thank you to BTM_Pix for you efforts in realising this very snuckily sweet upgrade, squeezing a little extra love out of the Lumix mini-beasty Great job, and many successes on your hardware implementation. Kudos to you and this community.
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