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  1. Difficult to say ... if there's one thing I'd take from the PhotoJospeh / Max day out in Spokane video, and the test I did, the GH5 AF-C definitely likes text - most of the objects in my test had some form of text and some of the best results in theirs did too. That said, to me autofocus is mainly about situations where you have minimal control over what's happening in the field of view, but want to capture footage from within it - quite different from their test scenarios which one way or another were setup quite formally. Maybe we need an International Standard for Continuous Autofocus
  2. Ah .... sorry Jon, I think you guessed, and this is probably a cardinal EOSHD sin but the audio setup (Sennheiser 416, Rycote suspension, RME FF800 pre / interface) cost me more than the camera and kit lens That said, the onboard mic / AD convertor isn't too shabby. With a decent pop filter and maybe something like this: https://www.seelectronics.com/reflexion-filter-pro you could get decent results ... maybe.
  3. I just posted a test which kind of does that. Once the camera starts recording no interaction with it other than pointing at objects in the test field - pan / tilt / back and forward on slider. Shallow depth of field, range of objects, varying light intensity. Sound seems to get neglected round here so put a bit of effort into that too.
  4. For another take on low light performance, have a look at the final shot of my GH5 unboxing vid. I was using Summilux 25mm 1.4 and playing about with the focus transition feature. The camera was hand held and moving with no dual / dual 2. The text on the box is still pretty crisp considering it's in the dark in a roadside bush - you get a sense of how dark from the harshness of headlamps from a passing car. If I remember right, the penultimate shot nighttime street, was at ISO 200. I haven't done a wedding in a while but if I had to I wouldn't be worried about taking a GH5 to the job.
  5. Some GH5 footage at the close of my unboxing video:
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